Wishbox Airbnb Guest Experience Platform

wishbox airbnb guest experience platform

Wishbox is a special guest experience management platform that allows hosts to automatically send messages to guests in their specific language during every stage of their stay.

The tool comes with multiple features that will help you improve guest communication and save time.

Messaging with Wishbox Airbnb Guest Experience Platform

Ahead of Guest’s Arrival

Wishbox will send completely personalized booking confirmation via email to the guest that you can edit from your dashboard.

This will automate pre-check-in messages and send SMS messages to guests with additional codes and information they might need.

wishbox airbnb software

It will also store the details of the arrival times of your guests including flight times together with other essential documents they need to present.

Wishbox is the leading cloud-based platform, built to manage the guest experience for accommodation providers such as vacation rentals, hotels, hostels, boutique hotels and private hosts.

Automatically. Our mission is helping the hosts to better manage their guest experience and communication, from the initial booking until the checkout.


During Guest’s Stay

Wishbox application has a dedicated personal area where guests can check all information required for their stay including house manual that contains any helpful information or rules guests might require.

It is an excellent feature for guests since they have all the things they should know right in their pocket with no need to ask any questions from you.

After Guest’s Stay

Wishbox Airbnb guest experience can also coordinate the check-out information of guests depending on their flight information and automates instructions for check-out that the host can edit and customize in the dashboard.

Once the guests have departed, guests can also write their review on Wishbox.

The benefit of this is that there is a smart review feature that means bad reviews can remain in the app while good ones can get published. This choice is yours to make.

Upselling with Wishbox

Aside from Wishbox ’s automated messaging feature, it also has an upselling feature for other services that might be interesting to your guests, including car rentals, airport transfers, and more.

You can also select the suppliers then have them added to your area for your guests to view them.

Payments are completely enabled in the application.

This will allow guests to book the services easily if they wish to. What makes it great is that you will be able to earn extra commission.

WishBox Reviews

The following Wishbox reviews are from various sources including G2 Crowd, Airbnb Host Facebook groups, Capterra, and other 3rd party review sources.

We try our best to feature honest reviews of WishBox from various sources in order to give you links and access to the widest variety of resources.

This will help you make a fully educated decision.

G2 Crowd Reviews of Wishbox for Airbnb

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Wishbox Airbnb Ratings on Capterra

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Pricing with Wishbox Airbnb Guest Experience Platform

How much do you have to pay to use this excellent service?

Well, this will depend on the number of houses, apartments, or rooms you are renting out.

Rate begins at an affordable price for a single place and if you have more, the value becomes better as well.

wishbox airbnb guest experience platform

One more amazing benefit of the Wishbox Airbnb pricing system is the fact that you will only be paying for the specific number of places you have active every month.

For instance, if you are renting out 10 places but two have been inactive for the past several months, Wishbox will consider this and will only charge you for the remaining 8 places during those months when the two are inactive.

Wish Box main focus deals with  Working less and generating new revenues by becoming the assistant for your business by developing smart automated tools and wizards that too in your language for ease to use.

Also at a minimal additional cost for everyone to afford.

Wishbox  Airbnb Experience is a great tool you can use to upsell to guests and automate emails in a more personalized way.

It is a good value for money that can free up your time for you to focus on other tasks instead of spending your time on repetitive emails.