Welcome Vegan Airbnb Guests to Get Five Star Airbnb Reviews

Welcome Vegan Airbnb Guests to Get Five Star Airbnb Reviews

Wanna Get Five Star Airbnb Reviews? Let Me Help!

If you are an Airbnb host, you may have noticed that there are an increasing number of vegan people and the hosts targeting these people are making a lot of money. The vegan niche is excellent for your short term rentals and if you serve them properly, you can easily get five star Airbnb reviews. Since the competition is not that high yet, targeting this niche allows you to set higher night rates.

Whether you are staying for days, weeks, or months, or just stopping by to make a meal, meet amazing hosts that will help you find the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants, produce markets, nature spots, running trails, favorite local attractions and more.


However, before targeting the niche for your home, know them properly, so that you can provide them with the facilities they expect. This will help you welcome them in a great way, and in return, you will get five star Airbnb reviews.

Welcome Vegan Airbnb Guests to Get Five Star Airbnb Reviews

As a vegan host, let me help you know…

How to welcome vegan guests to get five star Airbnb reviews.

Put Some Pictures of Animals

Most of the vegan people love animals. They love seeing the pictures of cute animals relaxing in the grass in the bedroom. It will positively impact them if you put some beautiful photos of cute pigs.

Vegan Breakfast Options

vegan foodWhile offering breakfast is not a must, if you do it, mention that you are adapted to vegan guests and should have some excellent options apart from peanut butter, toast, and jam. Provide some non-dairy milk options like coffee or tea. It is also appreciated if you offer some vegan ham, vegan cheese, vegan croissants, or sausages. Basically, provide the same that what you offer to a non-vegan, but with the animal-free alternative.

Show Your Care towards Animals

If you have a pet-friendly place, then have some dog or cat beds in the bedroom. It will not only appeal to guests with pets but also shows that you love animals. With such a rare facility, you significantly increase the chances of getting 5 star Airbnb reviews.

Have an Environment-Friendly Airbnb

vegan 2Generally, vegan people are environment cautious. They will definitely love it if you provide them with environment Airbnb. To do so,

  • Provide insulated water bottles
  • Get some different waste bins for recycling
  • Have reusable grocery bags
  • Use some reusable coffee pods for your coffee machine.
  • Have a water filter on your kitchen tap
  • Put big refillable bottles of cruelty-free shower shampoo or gel.

Have a List of Vegan-Friendly Cafe and Restaurants in the Area

Since finding a vegan restaurant and cafe is not always easy, if you provide them a list of good vegan cafes or restaurants in your area, they will be really thankful to you and you can get five star Airbnb Reviews!

Provide Some Handy Tools for Cooking To Get Five Star Airbnb Reviews

As I mentioned earlier, finding a vegan restaurant near your property is not easy always. Moreover, vegan people love cooking. Therefore, if you provide them with the handy tools and some basics for cooking like olive or coconut oils, some spices, and good knives, you will definitely get five star Airbnb reviews.

Have Some Vegan Magazines or Books

People love it when they go to a place where they can read books or magazines during a relaxing time. Check your newspaper shop to find some magazines talking about plant-based lifestyle or vegan food! You can take the help of Google to know more about the vegan people and their interests and purchase books accordingly. Generally, they love reading about animals and nature.

As an Airbnb host, you definitely know that the customers’ review directly depends upon how you serve them. It is quite easy to target the vegan people is quite easy, but to get five star Airbnb reviews, you have to make sure that you provide them with the five-star facilities. Hopefully, the above-discussed tips will help you surpass the expectations of your clients.

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