VRBO vs Airbnb

VRBO vs Airbnb

VRBO vs Airbnb, let’s see a detailed comparison between these two. More and more people no longer want to stay in hotels during their vacations or travels. Let’s look at how VRBO vs Airbnb comparisons look. Sure, hotels are convenient, not to mention that it is nice to have someone who will do things for you. But, these days, hotels have become a bit boring and dull due to their similarities.

vrbo vs aribnb

Looking through property details is only one way that Airbnb users can learn about a potential home listed on Airbnb. The site also features an active review culture that lets guests leave their thoughts after their stay, ranking everything from the accuracy of the listing’s description to the cleanliness of the property. The site’s review section is also searchable, so if you have a particular concern while booking an Airbnb, you can filter reviews to address those worries. And bonus: the site includes a host community section so that hosts can give each other tips and tricks to successfully listing a property on Airbnb.


VRBO vs Airbnb: Every Detail

Good thing that travellers now have the chance to choose from different options including vacation rentals and other alternative options for travel lodging.

VRBO Airbnb Comparison

VRBO and Airbnb are two of the primary platforms where travellers and tourists can search for alternative lodgings. These two services connect homeowners who hope to lease out space or room with customers searching for short-term rentals. Both are also recognized and acclaimed for different reasons.

Overview of VRBO vs Airbnb

VRBO and Airbnb, at first glance, both seem to provide many similar features for the hosts. The two were designed as hotel alternatives for guest accommodations. But, Airbnb easily stands out since the platform provides more unique guest experiences, unlike VRBO that is mainly a place for booking standard vacation rentals.

Fees VRBO vs Airbnb

VRBO vs Airbnb as in fees , Airbnb will charge fees to guests and hosts alike. Guests usually pay around 5% and 15% of reservation as the Airbnb fee. For hosts, Airbnb will charge a 3% fee during the completion of a booking.

On the other hand, VRBO charges fees to guests and hosts alike. Guests pay around 6% to 12% as a service fee on the reservation. The fee schedule for hosts is somewhat more involved compared to Airbnb. Hosts also need to pay the subscription fee to have their properties listed on VRBO. Hosts can choose from two payment options for subscription.

Both platforms allow hosts to list their properties for free. Hosts can then experiment with having their listing placed on the two platforms to determine the platform that will yield the most number of inquiries from potential guests.

Visitor Traffic

One more factor you need to consider every time you have your property listed either on VRBO or Airbnb is the number of guests it attracts. It wouldn’t be of any help to your bottom line if you are only wasting time with a platform that doesn’t even get a lot of traffic.

VRBO vs Airbnb

It is best to have your property advertised on a platform that has tons of traffic because if there is more traffic, it is more likely for you to receive more bookings.

Aside from the site’s overall traffic, you also have to consider if VRBO and Airbnb provide the most number of visitors most like to show interest in the specific type of property you are offering. Visitor traffic is all about quality over quantity.

Guest Experiences

Guest experiences on VRBO and Airbnb is almost the same. Even though there are slight differences in service fees, VRBO and Airbnb have virtually similar booking process.

The major difference is the fact that Airbnb has single rooms that are open for rental, with the company catering to short term accommodations. On the other hand, you will most likely find entire home listings and long term accommodations on VRBO.