Triple Sheeting Airbnb

Triple Sheeting Airbnb

Have you ever heard of Triple Sheeting Airbnb?

Well, there is a high chance that you are already practising this method, especially if you are running a resort or hotel.

Triple Sheeting Tips for Your Airbnb

This is because it has streamlined and simplified the whole process of bed making.

I can’t remember if I’ve ever asked myself “what is triple sheeting ? “

But, for those in hospitality, it can come up when searching airbnb forums or facebook groups for airbnb.

What is Triple Sheeting , then?


Triple sheeting is an efficient, cost-effective, luxurious, and easy bedding solution that creates a posh and welcoming bed that has three flat sheets as well as a blanket or quilt.

Why should you try Triple Sheeting Airbnb for your property?

The reason why one should try Triple Sheeting Airbnb is that this method ensures a crisp and clean bed that the housekeeping staff can manage with ease.

This technique not just lets you freshen up all of your guests’ rooms easily by just switching out or replacing the top sheet as it also lets you save money and time on having to purchase and launder expensive bedspreads.

Triple Sheeting Airbnb

But, as far as the guests are concerned, what makes triple sheeting appealing to them is that you provide a sanitary and welcoming environment for them.

Benefits of Triple Sheeting

Here are the Benefits of Triple Sheeting Airbnb.

  • Fresh and clean – You can wash all sheeting components after every guest to guarantee a sanitary and clean environment.
  • Reduced costs – A single bedspread can cost $100 to $250, and washing each piece off-site can cause $25. If you want to replace a bedspread with one extra sheet, this triple sheeting method greatly reduces the operational costs overall.
  • Time savings – Duvet covers can make housekeeping spend thrice longer in making the bed alone. Triple sheeting is a very easy and simple step by step process, thus, significantly improving housekeeping efficiency. 

Triple sheeting is a luxurious, cost-effective and efficient bedding solution. It guarantees a clean, crisp bed that is easily managed by the housekeeping staff, ultimately saving considerable time and money.


6 Steps for Triple Sheeting Airbnb

To start with Triple Sheeting Airbnb, prepare the items you need.

These will include a fitted or flat sheet for covering the mattress, the basic flat sheet, then a lightweight blanket, and lastly a decorative top sheet.

Here are the 6 steps for triple sheeting Airbnb beds.

  1. Start by building the bottom sheet or the foundation. You can lay the flat sheet on top of the mattress then tuck everything around the mattress. Another option is to use the fitted sheet to have the mattress covered.
  2. Add the middle sheet or the second layer. Put the flat sheet’s top hem to make it even with the mattress. The sheet must be even and smooth on all sides.
  3. Add the filling. Put the lightweight blanket above the middle sheet and start about 6 inches under the top of your mattress.
  4. Add the decorative top sheet. Put the last flat sheet above the blanket. Its top hemp must also be even with the mattress.
  5. Fold the top of the two flat sheets then fold them down together around 6 inches. This fold shouldn’t include the blanket. Fold-down the blanket and the two flat sheets at another 6 inches. The blanket should now be folded once and twice for the sheets.
  6. Proceed with the finishing touches. Complete the process by tucking the two flat sheets and the blanket under the foot of your mattress. The remaining fabric that hangs at the foot’s sides will form a short U-shape. You can turn back this U-shape along the bed’s length and pull it towards the bed’s headboard and make it parallel to your mattress. Lastly, tuck all of the blanket and sheet’s hanging corners together beneath the mattress.

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