Touch Stay Welcome Book Platform

touchstay airbnb software

Andy McNulty and Joe Jones are the men behind the creation of Touch Stay in 2013. They got fed up with having to ask the owner for recommendations on the house and the place and ditching the forgotten and old-fashioned welcome book. The Touch Stay Welcome Book Platform was developed when both decided to come up with more versatile and modern welcome book guests will be more inclined to read and use as it is meant to be used in the first place.

Our own product, Touch Stay, is one option. And you can share this with your guests (via email or SMS text) once you have their contact details (after the booking has been confirmed). Nothing for the guest to download, it’s a simple web link which they click and they’re in. Like this demo book.But the alternatives aren’t limited to Touch Stay. We’ll cover the following 4 options in this post, ranging from dead simple to a little more tech-savvy.


Touch Stay Welcome Book Platform

This is what gave them the idea of developing a digital-based welcome book that will allow hosts to give their helpful first-hand advice together with addresses to travelers and guests from different parts of the world. Thanks to Touch Stay, travelers and locals are now brought closer than ever. Right now, there are already thousands of guests and properties that are using the features of Touch Stay platform.

touch stay welcome book platform

What to Expect from Touch Stay

Every piece of content will be saved in just one online location. Touch Stay’s mobile web application packages are contained in a beautiful and easy to fill up form. You can then share the welcome book to your guests by just sending them a link with no need for them to download an app or sign up.

  • Share insider tips with Touch Stay

Take advantage of the integration with Google Places to help your guests live like they are true locals of the area. Add all of the best tourist attractions, restaurants, and so much more.

  • Available on all devices

Your guests can access Touch Stay welcome book from all devices and all locations with the use of a dedicated website link. Again, there is no app or sign up required.

  • Provide practical information

Offer your guests with check-in times, access instructions, the nearest grocery store or ATM, driving directions, and more.

  • Print and PDF capability

Touch Stay is also the first and foremost guest welcome book in digital form that you can find in the market right now. However, if you or your guests feel the need to, the welcome book can also be printed or saved as PDF.

Why Use Touch Stay Welcome Book Platform?

Thanks to the app, all travellers and tourers now have the chance to completely enjoy their stay through getting access to the important information and details about the property and the region right directly on their devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

touchstay airbnb software

If you are a professional, you can enjoy the following benefits of using the app, such as :

  • Give professional and good first impression through a Hello message your guests are going to remember even after they left.
  • Save lots of time through making updates on your welcome book anywhere you are on whatever device. These updates are going to be seen instantly.
  • If you are running multiple properties, all you need to do is update common details once and this will automatically duplicate to all properties to help you save lots of time.

For guests with no compatible device, you can just download the book in PDF form and read it.