Tokeet Airbnb Channel Management Software

tokeet airbnb channel management software

Tokeet Airbnb Channel Management Software is a type of online-based airbnb software for short term rental management meant to assist property managers and property owners in handling their vacation rental management easily.

This solution is powerful but simple that can streamline the whole process of rental management, starting from an inquiry stage up to client checkout.

As your vacation rental business grows, Airbnb management software will become more of a necessity. Does that mean there’s something wrong with Airbnb’s available features? Absolutely not – the site is more than sufficient for its purposes.

However, when you decide to expand your business or find ways to become more efficient, Airbnb’s features become limiting.If you’re handling a busy short-term rental property or multiple properties, you need automation features.

A sophisticated Airbnb property management tool like Tokeet can handle all Guest communications, inquiries, and invoicing.

This platform includes numerous features that vacation rental businesses need to establish their foothold in today’s modern market.

Some of these features include marketing channel manager, website builder, reservation manager, and automation manager.

Tokeet Airbnb Channel Management Software

This vacation rental management software can also integrate seamlessly with several chief marketing channels, including Airbnb,, Homeaway, Flipkey, and Expedia.

This can also work with the rest of robust tools like PayPal, Quickbooks, Gmail, MailChimp, and Stripe to ensure flawless run of operations and easier collaboration among the team.

Its extensive array of integrations also let businesses process inquiries from several marketing channels, keep rates and calendars synched, invoice guests, collect payments, and integrate contract signatures.

Tokeet Integrations

Here are a list of the existingTokeet integrations that you can utilize to fully automate your airbnb setup.

An integration means that if you have an existing account with one of the following sites/apps, you will be able to connect Tokeet with other software with a few button clicks. For example, you

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • MailChimp
  • DropBox
  • Slack
  • Integration with Airbnb
  • Expedia
  • iCal
    • HomeAway Integration
    • Wimdu
    • Holiday Lettings
    • House Trip
    • Roomorama
    • FlipKey
    • Villas
    • Travelocity
    • TripAdvisor

Benefits of Tokeet Channel Management Software

Despite its simplicity, Tokeet is an extremely powerful solution for vacation rental management made to assist property managers and owners to run their business in a seamless manner.

This program also features an amazing suite of useful tools that can work hand in hand to provide several impressive benefits:


Tokeet is filled with a gamut of one-of-a-kind features for automation. For example, Tokeet Triggers ensures that it will be easier to automate the basic tasks for rental management to help save time.

When you speak of a trigger, this is a command provided you to achieve a certain task once a predetermined event takes place.

The Stealth Mode, on the other hand, lets you hide your listings on Airbnb during a particular time of the day.

You can also schedule invoices for delivery in the future through push notifications, SMS, email, or HTTP webhook post.


Flexibility is also one of the things Tokeet takes pride of. This solution works without fault on mobile devices and desktop alike.

The native Android and iOS mobile applications let you manage your vacation rentals no matter where you are and whatever time of the day it might be.

They keep you updated all the time and in full control and ensure that you don’t miss a timeline only because you don’t have access to your desktop.

It gives you remarkable ease of use and allows you to complete the work in time.

Dependable website builder

tokeet airbnb channel management software

Tokeet Website Builder

Tokeet also features a reliable website builder that lets you craft mobile friendly and search engine optimized websites.

The sites made with the use of this tool are eye-catching and filled with all the functionalities and features of a business-grade advertising channel.

The main idea of this site builder is to assist you to develop sites that make vacation rental management simpler and guide you in winning clients during the initial interaction.


Tokeet Reviews

Here we will list some public Tokeet Reviews so that you can make a more educated decision when looking at this airbnb management software.

If you want to manage your listings and the channels you are using, Tokeet is just the right tool you can use to make things more convenient on your part.