Smoobu Airbnb Management Efficiency Tool

Smoobu Airbnb Management Efficiency Tool

Smoobu Airbnb Management Efficiency Tool

Smoobu Airbnb management efficiency tool provides Airbnb hosts the best solution for managing seamlessly from one platform. It allows hosts to manage multiple properties with less effort, gain better visibility, and generate increased profits. Let’s find out more about this amazing management software.

Smoobu Airbnb management efficiency tool is a cloud-based software that is available on all desktop and mobile devices. With no set-up fee, you can use the software for a free 30-days trial and enjoy all the professional features of the software for free.

Smoobu provides Airbnb hosts with a stress-free way to manage and operate their listings not only on Airbnb but on many other platforms.

Smoobu Airbnb Management Efficiency Tool

Features of Smoobu Airbnb Management Efficiency Tool:

Smoobu Airbnb Management Efficiency Tool

  • Channel Manager for Air-hosts: Smoobu allows Airbnb hosts to manage more than 100 channels and automatically synchronize all booking portals. It also helps Airbnb hosts to synch their property prices and stay limits. With easy management of all properties, Smoobu Airbnb management efficiency tool allows hosts to avoid double bookings and increase their revenue.
  • Reservation System: Smoobu provides Airbnb hosts a dashboard to add all bookings in one list. It also allows them to easily manage their booking calendar and share the events with members of their teams.
  • Airbnb Homepage Software: Smoobu is an Airbnb management efficient tool that helps in creating a website and present their accommodations professionally. It also allows hosts to use more than 30 languages, and use optimization tools to get better visibility, more booking and increased profits.
  • Efficient Bookings & Calendar Management for Vacation Rentals: Smoobu helps in easy and efficient calendar management. It can be directly integrated into their website.
  • Unified Inbox and Guest Experience: Smoobu Airbnb management efficiency tool allows hosts to use a single inbox and app to manage communication with prospective guests and manage current bookings and messages.

To use:


Smoobu Airbnb may default Airbnb works with the base rate for the minimum number of guests and allows you to add an extra fee for each additional guest. Smoobu also works like this, as do most of the booking portals. In contrast, and Expedia work with the base rate referred to the maximum number of possible guests and reduce the price for each guest less. Their prices start with the maximum price (and maximum occupancy) and decrease to the minimum (and minimum possible occupancy), according to the number of people management efficiency tool has two packages:

Marianne , Smooobu

  • Free Package: Reservation System, Occupancy calendar, Homepage with a subdomain, E-mail support no costs ever.
  • Paid Package: $19/month, Reservation System, Channel Manager, Booking Engine including Payment Gateways, Guest Experience Application, Guest management (CRM), Automated Communication and Automation Tools, Employee / Owner Accounts, Online Check-in, Invoicing, Detailed Statistics, E-Mail, and Phone Support.
  • Custom Package: For more than 10 listings, you can request for a custom offer.

Who needs Smoobu Airbnb Management Efficiency Tool?

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Airbnb hosts and their property managers can benefit from Smoobu. Smoobu is raved by users across the globe because of its easy management and usage. Once you set up the management tool, it works seamlessly. The program has amazing features that allow you to integrate the useful features and use them for increasing the efficiency of your listing.

A final word- Smoobu Airbnb Management Efficiency Tool:

Smoobu Airbnb management efficiency tool is a great automation tool for Airbnb hosts to manage their rental properties. This is also important for those hosts that have multiple listings at multiple platforms. Smoobu makes it easier for hosts to make a website that allows them a centralized platform to manage their listings and guests from different platforms.

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