Smartbnb Automated Airbnb Messaging tool

smartbnb airbnb management software

Time and effort are required when it comes to managing your Airbnb listing. Out of all the tasks involved, sending messages is that one aspect that takes up so much time.

This is why it makes perfect sense to use a smartbnb automated Airbnb messaging tool.

What is Smartbnb?

Smartbnb is a special type of an all-inclusive automated messaging tool that lets you automate most of the messages you receive for your Airbnb.

Just like what its name suggests, Smartbnb is an extremely smart tool that, for example, can detect the language of your guests and respond in that same language.

This also recognizes the message’s subject and sends the right response with the use of the artificial intelligence or AI algorithm.

Smartbnb is also cool in the sense that it lets you automate messages while still giving your guests a chance to have a personalized experience.

This is because you are allowed to use all kinds of tags, like the name of the guests, check-in date, and overall cost of stay.

This can also recognize the subject of the message of your guests. For instance, if the guest’s message mentions WiFi, you will automatically send the message explaining how WiFi can be used at your property.

If they mention something about parking, Smartbnb will then send instructions about parking.

This may sound too good to be true yet there is so much more to it. Smartbnb also comes with numerous bonus features that can increase the rank of your listing in search results.

SmartBnb Features

unified vacation rental inbox

manage multiple airbnb properties

calendar tool for vacation rentals


smartbnb vacation rental guest experience

operations management software airbnb

vacation rental metrics

smartbnb guest managementThis also gives you day to day updates about the ranking of your listing.

What Can You Get from Smartbnb

Smartbnb is an automated Airbnb messaging tool filled with numerous functionalities and features. Smartbnb is composed of five key components namely:

  • Messaging
  • Heartbeats
  • Markets
  • Stealth
  • Checkpoint

smartbnb automated airbnb messaging tool

Its messaging component is so far the most powerful and important component. You can think of the rest of the components as nice bonuses:

  • Markets – This offers daily updates on the current position of your listing in the search rank in Airbnb in your area.
  • Messaging – This lets you create automated reviews and send automated messages.
  • Checkpoint – This checks the calendar for your reservations one year in advance to locate pending reservations.
  • Heartbeats – This updates the calendar every hour without making any changes to increase your search rank position.
  • Stealth – This lets you unlist your listing on Airbnb temporarily if there is a small chance that you will be booked.

What makes Smartbnb cool is that this comes with tons of extra functionalities. This tool is pretty much a management tool for Airbnb.

It lets you add teams to plan with the cleaners, owners, and teams who will get notifications during the check-out and check-in of guests. Updates to the flight status of your guests are also included.

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The Skinny on Smartbnb Automated Airbnb Messaging tool

Reviews can also be left automatically and you will be sent a market report every day to monitor your listing’s position in search results.

smartbnb airbnb management software

These are only some of the many things you can expect Smartbnb to do and there is so much more you can get from it.

This is one piece of Airbnb software that you might not be able to live without.

We hope this article clears all your doubts about SmartBnb and also provides you with the required knowledge about the use of this special tool for Airbnb.


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