Smart Home Devices for Airbnb

Smart Home Devices for Airbnb

Smart Home Devices for Airbnb

Time to shift your regular home into a smart home. This also means changing your  Airbnb to a Smart Airbnb property and for doing that you will require the use of Smart Devices. So here is Smart Home Devices for Airbnb.

Airbnb’s list of basic amenities that every host is expected to provide their guests, known as essentials, includes soap, toilet paper, clean sheets, and towels. But why sticks with the basics when you can offer your guests so much more and increase your chances of earning that five-star review?


Choosing the right device may be quite confusing ass there are a lot of smart home devices for Airbnb on the market, you may feel overwhelmed with the number of choices that you have. So we are here to sort that out for you and make it much easier for you to pick your choice.
Smart Home Devices for Airbnb

The Best Smart Home Devices for Airbnb

Below we have enlisted some of the best Smart Home Devices for Airbnb which will be great for your Airbnb listing and would also give your house a better aesthetic appeal.

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Starting Off with a Smart Lock

Installing Smart Lock will not only give you keyless access but will also keep the door locked until and an unless you decide to open it Making it totally secure.  A choice from us maybe the August Smart Lock, which allows the user to control the access management in your home from its app and that too for the amount of time given to one. Making it a perfect set with Airbnb guest.

Smart LED Light Bulbs

Smart Bulbs are perks when you set the talk into energy conservation. Once integrated with Amazon Echo or Google Home, You can set one to only glow when there are people nearby making it totally smart and eco-friendly, also it does help with letting you know whether if any guest forgot to switch off the light. Although there is numerous brand out there on the market.   We would suggest the Magic Light WIFI enabled Smart Bulb

Security Camera

Having a Camera to keep an eye on whoever visits your home is really useful if it for any uncertain events can be captured with the help of this. Of course, we are not suggesting to fix a camera all over the house, but definitely an outdoor camera near the door and a camera over your important room may be really helpful for you.  Just like Homeboy Security camera, which can be easily installed and also provides you with amazing pixel quality for easy image capture.

Smart Speakers and Assistants

A smart ALarm Clock or a Smart Assistant, once you have that, you can address your house to be fully smart. While not only being very loud and distinctive, Smart Speakers also allow you to take control of most of the smart devices on your house. As for the guest, even they get to rip the benefits of using an in-house assistant to play songs or tell them the weather. In any case, you can go for the Amazon Echo or the Google Home which can suit your need.


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Once you are all set in with the devices, you can now call your Airbnb Listing a Smart Airbnb property which is not only smart but also very secure in every level. Feel free to host your guest and make them feel like home and have a great time ahead. Cheers!!

So that’s all about the Smart Home Devices for Airbnb, so we hope you can get an idea about what devices to pick for your Airbnb, now you can have a look at Airbnb Growth Hacking to have an idea about How Airbnb grows its stacks.

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