Remove Airbnb Reviews

Remove Airbnb Reviews

Remove Airbnb Reviews: The secret way to Remove Bad Reviews

Let’s face it, you cannot always avoid bad reviews, but Airbnb doesn’t allow hosts to remove Airbnb reviews. Don’t panic, we have some tips that you can use to remove Airbnb reviews.

You can respond to reviews, but you can’t delete them. To promote trust and transparency in our community, we won’t delete reviews unless they violate our content policy. You can, however, edit a review you wrote for up to 48 hours after submitting it, unless your host or guest completes their review in the meantime


How to Avoid Bad Reviews?

Remove Airbnb Reviews

The first thing that you can do is avoid receiving bad reviews. This can be easier than to remove Airbnb reviews. To do this, never make false claims about your listings, and always come upfront about any issues. Most people choose Airbnb to enjoy the local experience of living in a house, they will prefer to choose in place with fewer amenities. But if on arrival they don’t get what they expected from your claims, they will be angry and write a bad review.

Hosts are not allowed to Remove Airbnb Reviews:

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there are people who won’t be happy and will leave a bad review. Most readers will ignore a few bad reviews if there are a lot of good reviews supporting your listing. But in case the inevitable happens, and you do receive a bad review, then you cannot delete it. To maintain its transparency, Airbnb doesn’t allow hosts to control their reviews.

Delay Publishing Your Review:

A useful tactic is to delay publishing the review. If you are expecting a bad review from a guest, use automation software to avoid publishing it for as long as you can. Try to get some more guests during this time. So when the review does get published, there will be other more recent good reviews.

This will reduce the damage done by the bad review. At the end of your 14-days review, when the bad review won’t be on top of the list, this will save your rating from being impacted.

How can you Remove Airbnb Reviews?

How to remove a bad review

While you cannot remove Airbnb reviews, Airbnb can. But to do this you need to make a case against the review or the guest. You can get a bad review removed by Airbnb if you prove one of the following.

  • The guest demanded something for the review. If he promised to give a good review for a discount or threatened to leave a bad review, you can show Airbnb the proof. Airbnb will take action, and instantly remove Airbnb reviews.
  • If the guest revealed the actual address of your listing’s location in the review, this is another ground to get it removed.
  • If the guest asks for a refund or mentions to use the resolution centre for getting a refund, this will also get the review removed.
  • If without your knowledge, the guest sent someone else to stay, this can also be used to remove the review.
  • To provide proof, you must show your conversation. Therefore, never communicate with the guest on any platform other than Airbnb.

What can you do if Airbnb doesn’t remove the Review?

If Airbnb doesn’t remove the review, it is now time to handle the damage. You can do this by leaving a public response. For some reason, people love reading responses to bad reviews.

Your response should:

  • Sound professional and accommodating.
  • Should explain or politely disagree with the problem mentioned.
  • Shouldn’t be aggressive.
  • Shouldn’t be too defensive.
  • Shouldn’t disrespect the guest.

Final Word

While you cannot remove Airbnb reviews, you can avoid them by making sure your guests have a great experience. In case something happens, these tips can help you in figuring out how to deal with the situation. To learn about other Airbnb topics, just click here.

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