Remote Airbnb Management tips

Remote airbnb management tips

Handling your Airbnb property remotely without being there to talk with visitors and show them around can be a dream come true for most hosts. Some remote Airbnb management tips might help you bring that dream to reality.

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And the reason for that is you will find it easier to just travel or just live in another home instead of constantly being at the Airbnb property.


Remote Airbnb Management tips

With that in mind, there are some things you have to do in order to make remote Airbnb management tips possible. And it all comes down to a few important tips, as you will notice below.

Add keyless entry systems

Services like Everdoor allow you to provide remote access to the property via smart locks. These are great because only your guests will be able to come in. And the guest himself can easily access the property when the wireless smartphone signal verifies his identity. It’s a state of the art system that shows you really care about the property. On top of that, you are providing keyless access, which is amazing in its own right.

Post house rules

It’s important to post house rules on a board right at the door. This way your guests will know your rules and it will be easier to obey them. That being said, make sure those rules are not super restrictive. No one really likes restrictions or restrictive rules, so take that into consideration. Keeping things simpler and a lot more convenient for everyone is the way you will achieve great results here.

Hire professional cleaning services after each guest

Every guest expects your home to be immaculate. Since you’re not there to clean it, the only thing that you can do is to try and hire someone remotely. Cleaning services will disinfect and clean up everything, so your home will be ready for new guests. Make sure that you hire a cleaning service after every guest is checking out. This way the property will be ready for new guests.

Use a vacation rental software

Tools like IGMS Airbnb Welcome Book Software are great because they help you manage the property remotely. They have templates which you can use for commonly answered questions, you can also manage bookings, communications and many other operations. It helps you manage everything from afar, and your business can continue running.

Remote airbnb management tips

Find the best maintenance services

Aside from cleaners as Remote Airbnb Management tips, you will also need maintenance services. That means plumbers, landscaping, HVAC repair, electrician, handyman and other similar services. It’s a good idea to connect with at least one of each before you go. Then you can contact them and provide keyless access whenever you need their support. And yes, you can pay them remotely via your credit card too.

Remote Airbnb management is possible, you just need to have the right tools and services ready to go. Even if it might take a little bit of time to set up an automated system like this, it will work really well and you will appreciate the results. Once you get the ball rolling and everything works as expected, you will be incredibly happy with the great passive income you can make from your property! Put these remote Airbnb management tips to work right now and let us know how they turn out.


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