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If you are an Airbnb host, one of the most difficult challenges you will face is finding the right cleaner. After all, your guests expect that every nook and corner of your listing is impeccably cleaned. The Properly Airbnb Turnover Software system helps guests experience that.

Even a single strand of hair left on the pillow can make your guests visualize the things that could have transpired there several hours or days ago. Whether you like it or not, the cleanliness of your Airbnb has a significant effect on the overall experience of your guests.

In a regular inspection, someone on your staff walks through each property to determine whether any tasks have been missed. In a remote inspection, your cleaning crew takes photos of each room once it’s completed and any tasks that are critical for guest satisfaction. Someone at your office then reviews those photos in real-time and lets the cleaning crew know if anything is missing or needs to be re-done. The cleaning crew fixes the problem before they leave the property. Easy, right? But, as with all solutions, remote inspection has its pros and cons.


Properly Airbnb Turnover Software

Unfortunately, not every cleaner can keep at par with such standards and this is perfectly understandable. You can never expect cleaners with no ounce of experience or knowledge in the hospitality market to follow and adhere to such high standards. However, even if you do manage to find the perfect cleaner willing to do everything to ensure the cleanliness of your property, there are still lots of other things that go into it.

properly airbnb turnoever software

There is more to cleaning when it comes to an Airbnb turnover.

An Airbnb turnover involves things beyond thorough cleaning. This also includes other tasks like putting fresh paper rolls in the bathroom, checking that guests didn’t forget anything, and emptying the fridge. Airbnb turnover is about making sure that your Airbnb has been set up in such a way that will impress guests.

Airbnb turnovers involve preparing your property for receiving a certain group of guests. Specific because various groups of guests also have various needs. For instance, if the group includes a baby, you need to setup the baby cot. The group’s size matters as well since this defines the number of towels and amenities you will provide.

Thankfully, Properly is a unique cleaning management app that will help Airbnb hosts give their cleaners a visual checklist to allow them to deliver customized and outstanding turnover in between guest stays.

Ensure the Perfect Turnover with Properly

The best turnover service ensures that your guests will have the best first impression of your property. First impressions, as you know, are important. This will set the vibe for the entire stat. if something feels wrong, your guess will instantly wonder if there is something missing. As an Airbnb host, this is the last kind of experience you want your guests to have.

turnover software airbnb properly

As an Airbnb host, there are two challenges you will have to deal with:

  • How do you look for a cleaner with high cleanliness standards?
  • How will you communicate additional tasks that must be done to prepare your property for your next guests?

Properly comes in handy at this point. Properly can solve these two challenges as it lets Airbnb hosts connect with qualified cleaners through the marketplace and provide cleaners with a virtual checklist.

The marketplace of Properly connects hosts searching for a certified cleaner with the most trusted hospitality cleaners on-boarded and used by other hosts. With the help of Properly, you will never have to worry about a failed turnover and instead, you can guarantee the best first impression among your guests.