Prepare Your Home for Airbnb

Prepare Your Home for Airbnb

Beginner’s Guide on How to Prepare Your Home for Airbnb

If you don’t know how to prepare your home for Airbnb listing, this guide is for you!

Want to perk up your finances with a space in your home? Or thinking to start your rental on the world’s largest home rental website?

Well, Airbnb is the right place and growing community to start with. Renting out your home space or second-home on Airbnb will let you boost your bank account by earning your extra finances.

Prepare Your Home for Airbnb

To START, you just have to sign-up on Airbnb for free. List your space and put out your home photos. Take care of the presentation and important details of each area in your home. Your goal should be to help your desired guests visualize their stay. Make your listing unique, take a look at some great listing descriptions. Once your home is listed and you’re life, your desired guests can reach you out easily.

The process is simple, and you can do it in a little time. But in order to stay and succeed in the cut-throat competition of air-hosting, you should START SMARTLY and take a few extra steps. By investing some effort to prepare your home for Airbnb renting, you can have a much better start of your new venture.

Prepare Your Home for Airbnb : Tips



Here are the tips and best practices to prepare your home for Airbnb guests.

Even if you think that you have top-notch hosting skills, you need to remember that giving your space to outsiders is totally different than hosting a slumber party for your friends.  You just need some cool tweaks to manage your place and make it presentable for your guests. It is not just that you are renting out your place, Airbnb is a host community and you need to embrace it. Be thoughtful about your guests with a concept of their ease and comfort. Let them discover your lifestyle and make your listing and hosting stand out from the rest in your region.

Start designing with the guests in your mind!

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Design your interior to make it attractive and comfortable for your guests.

  1. Your Welcoming Entrance:
  • Give them a warm welcome, by using welcome notes and flowers.
  • Your home should smell great! It must look clean and organized. Your entryway must have a doormat and a shoe rack so that your guests can put and store their shoes there.
  1. Cosy Living Room and Dining Area:

Present a cosy living room area to your Airbnb guests where they can enjoy their idle time. It’s the little things that make a big difference. 

  • Add colourful cushions on your sofas.
  • Make it tidy and organized. Use smart and stylish storage/ottoman boxes.
  • Use large mirrors to make your space look bigger.
  • De-clutter your spaces.
  • Give a feel of nature by using plants and flowers.
  • Use lamps and lanterns especially in the dining area.
  • Stylish dining area amenities will enrich your guest experience.
  • Put shelves and hang things a little higher to make the room look spacious.
  • The use of smart plugs would be enticing for your tech-savvy guests.
  1. Tidy Kitchen, to Prepare favourite meals:

Guests prefer their Airbnb rentals so that they can enjoy their meals and save their money on expensive dine-outs. Keep your kitchen thoroughly clean and stock the useful kitchen amenities, dishwashing liquid, hand towels, stove gloves, kitchen rolls, etc.

  • De-clutter your drawer spaces.
  • Keep a separate pan and pot set for the guests.
  • Offer the basic kitchen utensils.
  • Place a fruit basket and fill it up as a welcoming gesture.
  • Provide your guests with the guidance and information regarding your luxury amenities such as your fancy fridge, oven, microwave, and coffee maker, etc.
  1. The Luxe Bedroom and the Relaxing Bathroom:

Deliver your guests the trifling luxuries and all the comforts to make their experience memorable. Invest smartly in the right place to roll in your 5-star ratings.

  • To begin with, both your bedroom and bathroom must be spotlessly clean.
  • Invest in the mattress and use better quality linen sheets. This will literally pay you off.
  • Keep the room lite and welcoming, by classic pastel look.
  • Add cushions and extra pillows to make it presentable.
  • Use lamps and flowers in the room to give a lively feel.
  • Enhance your bathroom with washroom and grooming amenities.
  • The use sent diffuser to make it smell good all the time.

Prepare your Home for Airbnb- Final Word:

We hope that all these tips and practices will help you prepare your home for Airbnb hosting seamlessly. By following these tips, you will be able to create a memorable guest experience. Airbnb provides its hosts with all the guidance on every step. You can manage and ask for help from Airbnb management platforms. You can find more hosting tips here.