Optimize Your Airbnb Book Review

optimize your airbnb book review

Optimize Your Airbnb Book Review covers the book authored by Daniel V. Rustin. According to Daniel, he started to write this book back in July 2017 during his stay at a certain Airbnb located in Estonia. He met Veronika during his exploration of Old Town Tallinn.

After learning that Veronika was actually an Airbnb host, Daniel asked to check her listing. He saw potential although there wasn’t much to get from the online listing. He then shared to Veronika how he optimizes Airbnb listings. The two of them agreed that he would stay at Veronika’s listing for a minimal discount and in exchange, he will help her fully optimize her Airbnb listing. In November 2017, Veronika was able to receive 10 reviews with 5 stars.

Optimize Your Airbnb Book Review

Daniel added that he wrote the book Optimize Your Airbnb in the hopes of reaching more hosts who are just like Veronika. Optimize Your Airbnb is a book that contains a culmination of Daniel’s 5-year Airbnb experience, from being a guest and a simple employee to becoming a host, then a Superhost, up to starting his very own company specializing in the management of Airbnb properties. He already experienced hosting pretty much everything, from a mere couch in the living room, to a hillside mansion with 3 storeys and 5 bedrooms. The information you will get from the book is more effective and comprehensive than others you can find in the market. That what Optimize Your Airbnb Book Review is.

Other Things You Can Learn from Optimize Your Airbnb Book review

Do you need some help with your Airbnb listing? Then, make sure you grab a copy of Optimize Your Airbnb book review. To make sure that the book is comprehensive enough, Daniel Rusteen read 13 of the market’s top books on Airbnb.

optimize your airbnb book review

Daniel V. Rusteen used to be an Airbnb employee, a super guest with more than 250 days on Airbnb, a Superhost and an Airbnb property. Optimize Your Airbnb reveals the strategies he used to get a higher rank in Airbnb search results that involve creating the best offline guest experience and online listing experience.

According to a reviewer, the authoritative book of Daniel Rusteen is both enjoyable and fun to read and comprehensive at the same time. Others also stated that they have never read such an actionable and valuable advice for Airbnb hosts all in just one place.

I wrote Optimize YOUR Bnb to reach more hosts like Veronika. This book contains the culmination of my five-year experience with Airbnb from being an employee and a guest, to a host, to Superhost, and to starting an Airbnb property management company. I’ve hosted everything from a living room couch to a 3-story, 5-bedroom hillside mansion. The information in this book is more complete and effective than anything on the market.

Daniel V .Rustin

Some of the things you can expect to learn from Optimize Your Airbnb include the following:

  • Take advantage of tools for automating over 80% of your Airbnb
  • Optimize Airbnb listing to get a higher rank in Airbnb search
  • Navigate slow seasons easily and successfully
  • Create an interior design with no help from a professional
  • Pinpoint potential problem guests in your Airbnb even before they make a booking
  • Take high-quality pictures using your smartphone
  • Master the text and title for your Airbnb
  • Generate extra streams of income according to your Airbnb

Reading Optimize Your Airbnb by Daniel V. Rusteen is a great way to learn the things you don’t know yet and change the wrong ones you have been believing all this time.

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