Noiseaware Airbnb Noise Monitoring

noiseaware airbnb noise monitoring

You have surely heard of nightmarish stories about guests in short term rentals who host wild and noisy parties in the property without informing the owner of the property.

This is probably one of the major concerns of most Airbnb hosts as it can cause some significant damages.

THe Noiseaware Airbnb noise monitoring system seeks to alleviate that concern.

In acoustics, noise measurement can be for the purpose of measuring environmental noise. Applications include monitoring of construction sites, aircraft noise, road traffic noise, entertainment venues and neighborhood noise.


Noiseaware Airbnb Noise Monitoring

If you are an Airbnb or vacation rental host, your topmost priority is to prevent these kind of horrible experiences generated by noisy guests. 

But, if you are not always present to monitor all the happenings in your property, how will you keep an eye on your guests to ensure that they don’t break any house rules?

monitor airbnb noise levels

Good thing that Noiseaware is here to prevent such problem. Noiseaware is a type of noise monitoring tool that helps short term rental hosts to be updated of the noise levels at their property.

This way, they will be able to take the necessary preventative action and thwart any damages, police involvement, and annoyed complaints from the neighbors about the noise.

Noiseaware Sound Measurement Tool – What is It All About?

 Noiseaware is a special noise sensor that can be installed in your Airbnb or rental property.

noiseaware airbnb noise monitoring

This can monitor the noise level around your property on a constant basis and alerts you if a specific level of noise has been breached. This is done by connecting to WiFi and sending noise data directly to your own dashboard.

It will only take 5 minutes of your time to install this device.

After you have finished connecting the device to WiFi, Noiseaware will use machine learning and algorithms to identify the Noise Risk Score in real time.

You can then set various parameters for every property you have on the dashboard, including:

  • the threshold for noise violation
  • the quiet hours of the property
  • the alert settings to ensure that you will receive an automatic notification once a violation takes place.

Once you receive an alert, it is recommended that you inform your guests right away.

There are times when guests are simply unaware that they are already creating lots of noise. More often than not, all it takes is a simple friendly message that will inform your guests of any violation.

Over 80% of these noise violations are solved in just 15 minutes without causing any harm or damage.

Easy  Setup of NoiseAware Airbnb Noise Monitoring

Noiseaware sound measurement sensor is best to install in parts of your short term rental property where guests will most likely gather around and create noise.

Noiseaware will help you identify the best spot where you can put the device.

The most common locations include:

  • living room
  • game room
  • kitchen
  • hot tub
  • pool
  • outdoor areas

After you finish installing the sensor/s, you only need to create your own account on the dashboard to activate the subscription.

The whole process will not take up over 5 minutes.

Historical Data and 24/7 Property Monitoring

Noiseaware lets you customize settings to let you monitor activities any time of the day so you can have more time focusing on other property or hosting management tasks.

You can also access the historical data of the noise level of your property through your dashboard anywhere and anytime.

That’s a cool way to monitor all Noise on your property, we hope you could take in the features of Noiseware and help gain profit from your Property.

Use this as yet another tool in your airbnb software arsenal.