Is Airbnb Plus Worth It

Is Airbnb Plus Worth It

Is Airbnb Plus Worth It?

So you might be in a dilemma of going premium on Airbnb with  Airbnb Plus. But is Airbnb Plus Worth it? That’s a question we are going to answer for you.

Airbnb Plus: What is it?

Airbnb Plus is a Program that allows Hosts to stand from the rest by showcasing a Plus badge. Also, the plus features allow these listings to be available into an additional search filter for the consumers.

The biggest difference between Superhosts and Airbnb Plus is that the Superhost program recognizes outstanding hosts and their hospitality, whereas the Airbnb Plus program recognizes not only exceptional hospitality, but also well-designed, fully equipped, and spotlessly maintained spaces that meet a high bar for quality and design. To be in Airbnb Plus, each space that will be available to guests needs to meet a checklist of requirements that are verified through an in-person inspection.


Is Airbnb Plus Worth It

Is Airbnb Plus Worth It?  What are its Requirements

Generally, Airbnb Plus has a set of requirements that need to be fulfilled by your listing to make its place into the Plus Category.  These Requirements include

  • Being in the same cities where Airbnb Plus is available,
  • Having a least one stay completed.
  • Need to have a 4.8-star score or higher.
  • Passing a 100+ point checklist
  • No cancelled reservation in the past year.
  • Having a private room with a private bathroom for the guest.

Once you are done with the requirements. You are all set to welcome any host with a place that meets the standards of the Plus Program. Also, it isn’t really necessary for a host to be a Superhost in order to get the Plus Badge. All you need to do is to full fill the checklist above and pay a fee of $149 to avail the scheme.

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Is Airbnb Plus Worth It: The Advantages

Having a Plus account means you will avail the following benefits

  • Benefits For Hosts
  • Earning the Guests trust with a  verified Plus badge.
  • A better influence on the Airbnb Search rankings
  • Having a personal Photographer.
  • Having customized new layouts for the listing.
  • Finally, getting more viewers and increasing your booking rates.

Airbnb Plus: The DisAdvantages

  • The benefits aren’t that great when you look over the price.
  • All images posted on your Airbnb Plus are controlled by Airbnb.
  • Airbnb takes over your creative control on writing up your listing. People who have experienced these say it is like a bot has re-written there listing. Full of typos and misinformation.
  • Deletes stuff which is unnecessary in accordance with your profile. So your personal customization goes into trass.

Is Airbnb Plus Worth It?

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Although it does seem like you tend to get more attraction by using the Plus service. But the downside here is only selected cities get this feature, so if you have a Plus badge, chances are a lot of your competition also have a plus badge. So that again rises the competition.

Honestly, it is really up to the owner of a particular listing. As going plus means, having to handle a lot more guests as compared to earlier and for some owners, that might be very hectic.

So when you speak on the topic of whether Is Airbnb Plus Worth It?  It still hangs on a neutral balance point.  As if an owner does work hard enough to become a SuperHost, having a plus badge wouldn’t really matter. Same goes for a SuperHost with the Plus Advantage. More exposure means more revenue.

Well, that’s all to this debate of whether choosing Airbnb Plus or  “Is Airbnb Plus Worth It ” for your money or not. If you want to read more post like this, be sure to look forward on our other posts.