Increase listing views Airbnb

Increase listing views Airbnb


Started hosting at Airbnb and not getting many views? We hear from you. Here is how Increase listing views Airbnb.

Increase listing views Airbnb

While it seems pretty simple to start as an Airbnb host, it is actually difficult to keep up in the game. You make a listing to attract travelers across the world. There is no hard and fast rule to follow when making a listing. But people who have been hosting successfully have some incredible tips to share with you.

Airbnb’s search rankings reward both strategy and creativity in the quest for first place. Even more luckily, the best (and most actionable) of those techniques have been compiled into this post. Here’s how to optimize your listing(s)’ “Airbnb SEO” and maximize both visibility and booking potential. With this extra push, “… they will come”… finally.

In this article, we have gathered all such tips for you.

Increase listing views Airbnb: AIRBNB RANKING

It is not easy to understand the algorithm of the website. The only thing you can see is its impact. There is a reason some listings make it to the top of the search results and others get buried among thousands of listings.

Increase listing views Airbnb
Increase listing views Airbnb

Here’s how you can get a higher ranking and Increase listing views Airbnb.


To improve your listing’s ranking, you should use the SEO-optimization technique. Choose your words wisely when writing your description, and it will help you rise in the ranking.


To make your listing stand out, try to be as different from others as you can. Add catchy details to your description. Also, keep updating the description and mentioning all the additions that you have been making in your Airbnb property.


Expand your booking timeline. This will let your guests book a reservation many months in advance. As a result, your listing will appear to guests looking to make a reservation in advance.


A bit of insider advice is to remove any minimum and maximum limits from the duration of stay. This helps you reach to guests looking at an open booking window. This will also make your listing relevant to people looking for long-term rentals.


To make your listing appear in guest’s search, try to find what filters are in trend. For instance, be pet-friendly to avoid losing your customers with pets. Offer Self Check-in so guests searching for it can access your listing.


Improve your communication with travelers. Always be polite, and try to show your love for hospitality. Here is how you can improve your communication with guests.


Be swift in responding to travelers. Keep checking notifications and messages and send a quick response.


Before a guest arrives, send a welcome email to inform the guest that everything will be ready on his arrival. Also, inform them about current weather changes and anything they need to pack.

After they leave, send them an email saying you enjoyed their stay and will love to serve them again.

 Increase listing views Airbnb: REVIEWS

Fake Guest
You can share your feedback

Reviews are very important to stay ahead in Airbnb. People are more likely to view listings that have more positive reviews.


Instead of asking guests directly for reviews, ask politely for the positive feedback.

At check-out, you can also mention that you enjoyed their stay and will give them a 5-star review.

How to Increase Airbnb Views

Are you worried about your vacation rental being empty and want to increase Airbnb views?

Do you want to ensure bookings throughout the year?

If yes, have you ever wondered what measures can you really take to increase your Airbnb views?

There are some useful tips that you can use to increase the views of your listings.

Let’s take a look at the tips for increasing your Airbnb views and improving search visibility.

  1. Make your listing accurate:

Airbnb guests are usually looking for detailed and accurate listings. Never ignore the psychology of travelers. They need to know in advance what type of place they are going to stay in. Therefore, in order to enhance your Airbnb views, the first thing that you ought to do is to make your listing stand out from the rest. You can do this if you:

  • Complete every section of your listing.
  • Make sure to add clear, attractive and informative descriptions of your place.
  • Plus if you hold any expectations from your guests, mention those clearly in the House Rules and House Manual sections.
  • Also, give a virtual tour of your sweet home by adding clear and high-resolution pictures.
  1. Incorporate Positive Reviews:

Every time a guest leaves your place, seek his or her reviews. Make sure to incorporate as many positive reviews as possible. Moreover, if there is any negative remark, try to recompense the guest in some way. Be as compassionate as possible. Every time a guest complains about something, don’t forget to address the issue if it’s genuine. This shall ensure quality improvement in your hosting capacities as well.

  1. Reduce the minimum stay period:

If you want to enhance your search visibility, it is recommended to reduce the minimum nights’ requirement to as low as one night. So, the range of your visibility will be improved.

  1. Be responsive:

If any guest contacts you, ensure that you respond in the most hospitable ways. Do not be late in responding to any query related to your place. This is very helpful in boosting your Airbnb ranking. 

  1. For longer stays:

Some Airbnb guests are looking for vacationing for longer periods. In order to show up in these searches, it’s mandatory to use a monthly discount on top of your base rate so as to offer a reasonable price to your guests.

  1. Be competitive with your pricing:

Do a thorough homework for finding out how much other hosts in your area are charging and make sure that you remain competitive with your prices.

  1. Target the right people:

Don’t expect guests to look out for you, rather pull their attention by highlighting the importance of the location of your sweet home. Tell them, how their vacation would be more comfortable if they stay in your home. For example, you might add to your listing title: “Just five minutes away from the Annual Show.” etc. So, when more and more people get to know your place, your ranking on Airbnb will definitely increase.

Increase Airbnb View- Final Word:

We hope these tips will help you increase Airbnb views. Predictability and accuracy are some things that Airbnb guests are looking for! Be remarkably visible by providing them with both of these qualities.

Final Word:

You can increase the views on your listing by offering your guests something unique and better than your competitors. Besides that simple tips that we mentioned can help you amp up your views. This was all about how to  Increase listing views Airbnb.

To have a more distinctive idea about Airbnb and its work. You can read the Airbnb Growth hacking article.

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