Increase Airbnb Views

Increase Airbnb Views

Increase Airbnb Views: Top Features to make your Listing on Top

 To get more reservations, you need to increase your Airbnb views.

And to increase Airbnb views, you need to optimize your listing.

Don’t worry if your listing is not getting enough views, because we have got the perfect tricks for you.

Once you have educated yourself to manage your listing smartly, you will instantly increase Airbnb views on the web. 

If you’re in a position where you feel that your Airbnb listing could be performing better inside the platform, you’re probably right! It can and should be.I want to walk you through a strategy that helped me increase my Airbnb rankings with only a day and a halves work.

That may seem like a lot of effort, but Airbnb SEO is the consistent practice of improving your listings search performance within the Airbnb marketplace.


Increase Airbnb Views

How to Increase Views on Airbnb

First, you need to keep your listing preciously up-to-date to get more desired reviews.

Start with the search title for your listing search, the photos of your place, all the amenities that you’re providing your guests.

Last but not least, offer competitive pricing. This one tip that’s missed often by those who are researching how to increase views on Airbnb listings they own.

These are the obvious things that we have already discussed. You can find more information on improving your listing to increase your Airbnb views, check out our Airbnb Hosting Tips.

Increase Airbnb Views: 5 Strategies to Increase Airbnb Views

Airbnb view increase

5 Strategies that will boost and Increase Airbnb Views

  1. You need to connect all your Airbnb accounts and profiles with your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Airbnb has allowed you to post a clickable link on your profiles and your description.
    • This makes easy access to your profile view.
    • Easy access will increase your Airbnb views.
    • You must avoid web marketing, such as on google ads.
    • Instead, you can create your website for your rentals.
  2. Have your guest’s expectations set in your mind. This will give you a clear picture of both the positive and negative aspects of listing reviews.
    • It will make you more vigilant of your listing reviews.
    • Respond to your reviews, and show your appreciation for your guests.
    • This will increase your ratings and reviews and will help you to increase Airbnb views.
  3. Provide your guests with information about experiences they can enjoy.
    • You can share a free experience or some other fun activity to attract guests.
    • Send in a map of the nearest grocery store and coffee shop.
  4. If your house does not have a laundry facility, provide your guests with the map and details of the nearest laundry available.
    • You can provide your guests with a digital guidebook.
    • No wonder it will be so helpful and handy.
    • The guest experience in your city that you will provide to your guests will affect your reviews and increase your views on the web.
  5. Select and update your amenities on your listing.
    • Take care of all the amenities filters. Many guests search with the choice of amenities they look for, so by selecting and mentioning all the amenities that you’re providing your guests, you can increase your Airbnb views.
    • Another thing is to update your amenities yourself as a host, do not wait for the guests to fill it up on your behalf.


To increase your Airbnb views, think like a guest! As a host, you must know all the guests are different.  When you look at your listing, you will know exactly how to make your listing attractive.  If you don’t have great pictures to share, you can use Airbnb’s free photography offer for hosts.

Think smartly and keep updating your listing. This will help you increase your Airbnb views.