Increase Airbnb Search Rankings

Increase Airbnb Search Rankings

Increase Airbnb Search Rankings

Ranking UP is the sole goal of every Host in the Airbnb Page. But how do you do that? The algorithm of Airbnb Search Ranking changes from time to time, so we have put forward a simple yet evergreen technique to  Increase Airbnb Search rankings of your listing.


Airbnb is quite transparent in the main ways to improve your ranking. It should come as no secret that the key is to write an awesome listing with great photos, have good communication and get yourself 5-star reviews.

You should also keep in mind that Airbnb’s key objective is to make money. Their algorithm will favour listings that make it as easy as possible for guests to book. More bookings = more money for Airbnb, and that means a higher ranking

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Increase Airbnb Search Rankings: TOP 5 Steps+

Increase Airbnb Search Rankings

We have analysed and then come forth with this result of top 5 hacks to Increase Airbnb Search Rankings of your listing on the website. Follow these five steps and you are sure to move up your rankings higher.

  1. Respond Quickly: People just love an early response. And as there is an Airbnb app, there’s absolutely no reason for not getting back to inquiries or messages regarding your listing.  As people expect a quick response, replying within 24 hours will help you rise your way over the search rankings,  Make sure to reply quickly. If you don’t respond promptly, there’s a possibility they will continue their search elsewhere.
  2. Offer Competitive Rates: Do small market research and check the price of your rivals and competitors. People want a great deal on Airbnb. Make your listing more attractive by offering a competitive rate. Make sure you keep an aggressive rate and build up your listing reputation.
  3. Decrease Cancellations: Don’t cancel bookings on your listing, at least try not to. While there are unforeseen circumstances, you want to make sure that you never cancel a booking.  NOt only it makes a customer unhappy, but it also makes you pay by decreasing your rank on the search rankings according to Airbnb’s algorithm.
  4. Earn Positive Reviews:  You want to be successful, work hard. There is no shortcut for that. You need to work hard and work smart. It’s no secret that your service will impact your business.  Online reviews matter a lot in making an impression. So treat your guest with the utmost generosity and they will definitely leave you a great review.
  5. Promote Your Listing: Marketing is the key to popularise any business. By promoting your listing on social media platforms or hiring some influencer to talk about your property and explain how great is it. Not only will it improve your ranking on Airbnb, but it will also assist in your booking getting discovered by search engines. Just add your listing’s URL on your staus or tweet it to your friends and followers to discover.

Some Additional Points to Note Down

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Keep them HIgh-Quality Photos On:  Don’t hold back on uploading High-quality photos for your booking. What you upload for your Property will showcase in your profile and that’s what your potential clients will see. So try to make your first impression stand out by uploading high-quality photos.

Login Frequently: REsearch by  BNB Expert, says that when you log in frequently say, maybe once a week – your ranking is bound to improve. It’s suggested that you log in on a  daily basis and some time on Airbnb if you want to boost the ranking of your listing.

Increase Airbnb Search Rankings: Conclusion

There isn’t any shortcut hack to Increase Airbnb Search Rankings. But you can definitely follow the tips mentioned above to obtain a positive result for your bookings.  You need to be dedicated to disciplined and be patient. Give it time and you are bound to be successful on with your Airbnb Listing and Increase Airbnb Search Rankings. To kno0w more about Airbnb or read more engaging blogs like this one, just click here.

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