iGMS Airbnb Welcome Book Guide

iGMS Airbnb Welcome Book Guide

iGMS Airbnb Welcome Book Guide: iGMS for Airbnb Hosts

iGMS is an Airbnb automation software that allows Airbnb hosts to manage multiple short-term rental listings. iGMS Airbnb Welcome Book Guide lets you know how to work on it. 

iGMS started as AirGMS in 2015 to provide native and advanced integration with Airbnb. After gaining popularity the software company rebranded itself, and hence iGMS came on the globe. iGMS is a comprehensive automation software for hosts of Airbnb, HostAway, and Vrbo.

The software is used by more than 80,000 listings. iGMS was founded by property managers who saw the need in the hosting market for comprehensive software to provide automation services. Their goal is to help their hosts in ensuring that their guests have a great experience. Since the success of a host depends on great guest experience, iGMS ultimately becomes a useful tool for Airbnb hosts.

iGMS Airbnb Welcome Book Guide

iGMS Airbnb Welcome Book Guide: Features

Buying Airbnb supplies is one of the tasks that you’ll need to approach carefully in order to ensure that you have the essentials that matter to your guests most. In addition to the basics, you’ll also want to purchase a few special items that will really make your guests feel like they are well taken care of.

iGMS, Medium

  • Channel Manager: iGMS allows Airbnb hosts to manage their vacation rental properties from a single dashboard. For Airbnb hosts hosting multiple properties on multiple vacation rental platforms, iGMS makes it easier to manage everyday tasks, activities and calendars.
  • Native Smart Messaging: iGMS helps Airbnb owners to save 70% of their time by using smart messages integration. This allows hosts to communicate guests from all properties in a single inbox. It also helps hosts in automating messages and use quick predefined responses to communicate with guests.
  • Cleaning and team Management: iGMS allows hosts to manage their teams and their tasks easily by using this integration. This helps Airbnb hosts to use iGMS to manage tasks, send reminders, and communicate with their cleaning crew and other team members.
  • Automation Tools: Integrated into the iGMS software are many amazing automation tools that allow hosts to automate messages, automate guest reviews, efficiently fix prices, and manage parent-child booking to avoid double bookings.
  • Customer Service: iGMS has great customer service to assist the hosts in understanding how to fully access, use and benefit from the integrations.

iGMS Airbnb Welcome Book Guide : To use


iGMS Airbnb Welcome Book Guide. This guide helps you by delivering this. You can sign up for free and use one of their plans:

iGMS Airbnb Free Plan:

  • Free for up to 4 properties.
  • Email support with a response within 48 hours.

Or you can buy one of the iGMS Airbnb plans to avail of all their services.

Flexible iGMS Airbnb Plan:

  • $1 per Booked Night
  • Email and chat support
  • Free 14-day Trial

Pro iGMS Airbnb Plan

  • $18 per property per monthly (Yearly offer available with extra discount)
  • Free 14-day Trial
  • 24 hr. Email and Chat Support

Enterprise iGMS Airbnb Plan

  • For organizations with 50 plus properties
  • Customized Plan

Each paid plan includes:

  • Channel Manager
  • Automated Messaging
  • Multiple Properties Management
  • Unified inbox
  • Co-hosting management
  • In-app and email notifications
  • Cleaning & task management
  • Automated reviews
  • Key exchange management
  • Multi-calendar
  • Financial reports
  • Mobile apps (iOS & Android)

iGMS Airbnb Welcome Book Guide: Final Word


iGMS provides Airbnb hosts with a comprehensive set of automation features. It is extremely beneficial for those hosts that are hosting multiple properties on multiple hosting websites. iGMS offers to multiply affordable to customized packages for Airbnb hosts. If you are not ready to invest yet, try the free trial to ensure the software can help you.

That’s what we have for iGMS Airbnb Welcome Book Guide.   To know more about Airbnb, have a click at reading here.

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