HomeAway vs Airbnb

HomeAway vs Airbnb

HomeAway vs Airbnb. Which one to choose?

A vacation per year is vital for the free-spirited.

For any venture outside the vicinity of one’s house, the wise are those that ensure their utmost comfort beforehand.

The place of stay is the number 1 issue at hand. Gladly, the internet age has allowed us to tackle any situation.

Online marketplaces that let people rent out their properties or spare rooms to guests are a great help to cater to such needs, such as Airbnb or HomeAway.

HomeAway vs Airbnb : The Best Out There

Let’s be honest, for some reason, Airbnb has always been more popular than HomeAway, but this second platform has very valuable reasons to make their users stick with it. But wich one is the best for you? Wich one can make you more money?

Those are 2 of the major platforms where you can list your property to rent it out. Which are the main difference between Airbnb vs HomeAway? Which one to use?


HomeAway vs Airbnb: Airbnb… or HomeAway?

Simple comparisons of statistical data and the overall feedback of the public both from the host and guest perspective may present us with the first step towards perfect getaway plans.

Airbnb vs Homestay
Airbnb vs Homestay

HomeAway is a creation of 2004, with Airbnb following in 2008. Airbnb was initially dwarfed by HomeAway’s listings, which are at present and have over 2 million listings throughout 190 countries.

Airbnb has surpassed HomeAway by having 6 million listings by over 600,000 hosts in 191 countries today.

In terms of rental opportunities, Airbnb has a diverse variety of options.

An amazing addition to the Airbnb experience is “excursions”.

These are personalized tours that can be made available by the hosts to give a wholesome, memorable vacation to their guests.

These can also be booked separately. Beyond Pricing shows in a survey that Airbnb is the first option for younger travellers looking for urban-oriented destinations.

HomeAway listings are mostly luxurious home rentals or resort-like properties such as houses in Beverly Hills or high-end apartments in Los Angeles.

The same study by Beyond Pricing shows that HomeAway draws more people who are after family-oriented destinations within or around the United States.

Traveller Services of HomeAway vs Airbnb

Airbnb and HomeAway begin differentiating upon a quantitative approach.

Airbnb is more understanding when it comes to instant transactions by not having additional charges for payments via credit cards.

HomeAway however, has a 2.9% rate for an additional charge upon using credit cards.

HomeAway charges 75 USD concerning traveller taxes, to make up for charging a bit lower on traveller service fee, which is 7% with comparison to Airbnb’s 9%.

Their initial booking rates range from 4 – 9%.

With HomeAway, chances are you’ll be regretting your online credit card transactions. Host issues arise more HomeAway concerning the travel fees, as discussed before, bringing in undesirable yearly costs.

HomeAway vs Airbnb: Your grand total is…

HomeAway vs Airbnb

HomeAway vs Airbnb. While Airbnb is a much more flexible option for both the hosts and guests when it comes to a casual vacation.

Being an online broker has carried Airbnb on the graph for tourism exponentially due to more intriguing rental opportunities such as castles and ski chalets.

It doesn’t intimidate the guests with too many worrying policies and is a perfect choice for the tourist who wants to run out and explore rather than stay at a beautiful, lavish (but costly) room in a hotel.

HomeAway is preferred for businessmen and the ones who can pay to live in luxurious flats and suites, while Airbnb is a go-to option for the adventurous tourist.

So all details in on the comparison of HomeAway vs Airbnb?

Good to see that. Next time onwards you can make a better selection for spending your budget. Speaking of budget. Wonder how Airbnb makes such huge investment growth. Here, read Airbnb Growth Hacking to find out everything about it.

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