Home Sharing Insurance

Home Sharing Insurance

Home Sharing Insurance: Every Detail About It

To help you with the right Home Sharing Insurance for your short rental or Airbnb. You must everything about it. Luckily we are here to help you out in understanding Home Sharing Insurance. But before that,

What is Home Sharing?

Home Sharing is a way for you to host your home via a website like Airbnb. The guest can simply log on, find your property and pay you through the app or directly to you in your home/rental.

Why is Home Sharing Insurance needed?

As much as you want your Guest at your homestay to enjoy their stay, you must know that accidents happen, and at any unfortunate event, you may end up being responsible for covering all the resulting expense.  On top of that, most homeowners policy usually exclude or provide only limited coverage for the business. Some sites like Airbnb do offer liability coverage, but other sites require homeowners to provide their own coverage. And due to reasons like these, it is very important for one to protect their home and themselves with a HOme Shainrng Insurance.

So for whom is the Home Sharing Insurance necessary?

Most insurers consider renting out a property or part of it to paying guests to be a business. Homeowners policies usually exclude or provide limited coverage for businesses that homeowners operate out of their homes. Although some peer-to-peer home sharing websites offer liability coverage for hosts and landlords, other sites may require homeowners to provide their own coverage.

Erie Insurance

  • If you are your listing on the popular home-sharing network like Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway etc
  • If you usually rent your home or rooms in your home to potential guests for short-term rental stays.
  • If the rental agreements of your home are not based on annual leases
  • If your home is rented to different people throughout the year.

Does Home Sharing Websites provide Home Insurance?

Home Sharing Insurance

While most people think that since they are renting their home through a legitimate service or well-reputed website, they are protected against all damage. Well ew cannot say all, but Home Sharing Services do offer optional protection.

Claims of Home Sharing Risks which are not covered by standard home insurance
  • Personal Property damage Risk are not covered
  • Liability and Personal Addidcent risks are not covered as well.
  • Lost Income risks cannot be covered from any home damage.
  • Also, Criminal activity which results in host paying the guests.

Types of Home Insurance for rentals and Homesharing

Insurance Contract

  1. Commercial Home Sharing Insurance: there the insurances which are usually used for businesses. Before any Home-sharing service became popular, normal home insurance would place all short term rental business under commercial insurance.
  2. Private Home Sharing Insurance: which are customised for the homeowner, and the ones which are much more reliable to purchase. As these provide you with great coverage benefit for your home.

What question does a  Home Sharing Insurance need you to answer honestly?

People looking at Insurance Policy
People looking at Insurance Policy
  1. Do you use a Home sharing network like Airbnb?
  2. Are you renting the rooms or the property through your own method or by any third party booking software?
  3. How Often do you usually rent your home or rooms in your house?
  4. What is the average duration of the rental or hosting?
  5. How many days do you rent a year?
  6. How much income do you make from the rentals?

Although you may feel like some of the questions being relatively very personal. But that is how you fulfil the basic criteria for obtaining a Home Sharing Insurance policy. It is this informative questionnaire by the insurance company that allows you to create insurance for your short rental or home-sharing insurance.

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