Hello Here Airbnb Customization App

hello here airbnb customization app

The Hello Here Airbnb Customization App is meant for Airbnb hosts with a goal of helping them take their hosting experience to a whole new level.

This app gives hosts the chance to offer information to gusts, sell supplementary services, and communicate with guests even after they checked out.

Airbnb is a platform that represents the fastest growing and billion dollar ratings, a Property Rental-Booking App that provides a tempting market for people looking for an inexpensive rental apartment or house for a short period of time and to owners of the property experience.

It offers unique adventures to people, as they can rent anything from a single room to an apartment, a suite, a castle or even a houseboat. Airbnb describes itself as an online peer-to-peer market and as a home-stay network, which allows users to list / rent short-term stays / accommodations in residential properties.


Hello Here Airbnb Customization App

Hello Here is among the most interesting apps you can find right now that perfectly combines three crucial functionalities.

The app is basically a communication app, eCommerce portal, and guidebook all rolled into one to allow Airbnb hosts to boost their offering and increase their profits at the same time. 

As this lets you stay in touch with previous guests, you can increase their chances of coming back. As you know, repeat guests are valuables since they already had an amazing experience or else they won’t even think of coming back.

This means that they will more likely give you a positive review.

Hosting repeat guests is also easier because lesser explanations and questions are needed.

How Hello Here Performs Three Essential Functionalities

  • Provides information

Hello Here lets you input tons of information regarding your rental property and your local area.

Once you create your property in the app, you can then add details like the photo and address of the property and how your guests can get there by car, bus, taxi, or train and the approximate time it takes to go there.

 hello here airbnb customization app

You can also use the space about yourself, your contact details, a Welcome note, and available amenities in your property.

Aside from information about your property itself, you can also add details regarding the local area and the things to see and do there. You can also add recommendations for places they can visit.

  • Enables additional revenue

There is a section labeled My Recommendations where you can include details that allows your guests to get a good idea of the local surroundings.

This is where you can include additional information regarding activities and attractions around your property your guests might be interested to get involved with or see.

Guests always love to receive personal suggestions from a local or someone familiar with the area, making this feature truly helpful.

This section can also include recommendations of the companies you are working with.

For instance, you can suggest an airport taxi service and earn a commission through the app.

You can generate additional revenues through upselling services like late checkout in the section, a super simple way to boost your profits.

  • Allows communication with past guests

Together with the features to help future and current guests, Hello Here also makes it possible to keep in touch and automatically message with Airbnb guests who stayed in your place in the past.

It means guests can contact you if ever they wish to stay in your accommodation again.

Hello Here is a great tool that lets you save time and gives your guests better and more enjoyable experience through and through, making it highly recommended for all Airbnb hosts.