Guesty Airbnb Management Software

Guesty Airbnb Management Software

Guesty Airbnb Management Software: Everything You Need to Know

Guesty Airbnb Management Software is a type of cloud-based property management system made especially for vacation rental and Airbnb managers.

The Guesty Airbnb Management Software platform was developed with a single purpose in mind, and that is to address the needs of property mangers all over the world through offering them channel management, reporting capabilities, and automation tools.

Guesty is the ultimate property management software platform for short-term and vacation rentals. Our end-to-end solution simplifies the complex operational needs that property managers face on a daily basis from guest communication to task assignment to payment processing.

With Guesty, property managers save time so they can focus on what matters most: growing their business.Guesty was established in 2013 by twin brothers Amiad & Koby Soto, and is an alumni of prestigious startup accelerator, Y Combinator

Guesty Airbnb Management Software: What is it?

Guesty Airbnb Mangement Software lets you oversee all areas of day to day operations and retain high-quality service for the clients.

Also, you can manage more properties through several Airbnb accounts with more than two dozen various booking platforms.

These can all be done on a single unified dashboard, calendar, and inbox with guest communication 24/7 available so you can screen and support your guests.

Guesty airbnb software

Considered as the best solution that can handle different areas of your Airbnb business, Guesty property management software perfectly combines the power of automation that can streamline things.

This includes reviews and messaging to tasks and pricing, with the convenience of scalability suitable to your operation.

You can also generate guest reservations and data, listing reports, and supervise payment processing and bookings websites.

All of your data will also be centralized for simpler and easier access, reporting, sharing, and search anytime directly from the dashboard.

Centralized Rental Management Operations

You can now run all the processes and tasks involved in your business from the Guesty Airbnb Management Software dashboard.

It makes it possible for you to view and collect any detail regarding your guests, staff, listings, and reservations; handle calendars from several booking sites at the same time, and automate your day to day activities like communication with staff and guests.

All of these are made convenient thanks to the dashboard’s centralized operation.

Take Advantage of Guesty’s Powerful Airbnb Automation

Guesty offers a variety of automation tools for handling repetitive tasks and streamlining all business operations.

From sending replies to guests, to listing pricing, and reviewing tasks of staff members, you can automate everything to help you shift your precious time from day to day operational management to focus more on how you can further expand your business.

You can also create customized message sequences and convey these out to guests before, during, and after their stay.

Guesty Channel Management Software Functionality

The Channel Management function of Guesty lets you smoothly manage and distribute listings through several websites and channels.

This lets you distribute listings seamlessly through over 30 major vacation rental websites and travel agencies.

All pricing and availability from your channels get synced into a single Multi-Calendar that can be adjusted to include any season, last minute deals, and other similar changes.

Guesty Airbnb Management Software

Seamless Payment Processing from Your Property Management Software

Use the seamless system for payment processing from Guesty Airbnb Management Tools are designed especially for property owners and managers for a reliable and easy collection of the accommodation fees together with other fees related to the reservation.

Charges will all be accumulated under the reservation of the guests and can be debited safely during check-out or any other time depending on the policies of the company.

You can also process and receive payments, send receipts to guests fast, and track transactions.

Guesty Pricing

Guesty pricing is not available upfront on the website. They provide an info request form that you must fill out in order to get into their sales funnel.

This means that in order to get Guesty prices you will need to talk to a real human.

After you fill out the Guesty pricing request form, a sales rep will schedule a live product demo where they will expose you to pricing and features.

Here’s what the guesty pricing form looks like:

Guesty Pricing Form
Guesty Pricing Form

Guesty Reviews

We have taken a look at some user generated Guesty reviews from the top business software review sites and gathered them here for a quick overview.

Keep in mind that we can not verify the validity of these claims, but in general we trust authenticity of the reviews.

Here’s a poll from a 15,000 person Airbnb Host community on facebook, showing Guesty at the top of the results from the participants:

Guesty reviews ratings

Reviews of Guesty on Capterra

Guesty boast 81 total reviews on Capterra’s ranking site.

On average, Guesty gets a 4.7 out of 5 Stars, for a 94% review score.

Guesty reviews capterra


G2 Crowd Guesty Ratings

The summary rating for G2 Crowd comes in similar to other rating and review platforms.

Guesty Ratings G2

Guesty ratings come in at approximately 4.5 of 5 stars for a 90%+ positive rating.

TrustPilot Guesty Reviews

The average TrustPilot Guesty Reviews come in at what looks to be 4.5 out of 5 stars. That’s 90% rating.

Trustpilot guesty reviews
TrustPilot Guesty Reviews

There were a total of 110 reviews for Guesty at the time of writing.

Breaking down the reviews, most of them (84%) were in the “excellent” range.

Guesty reviews breakdown

What’s Great About Guesty Property Mangement Software

Gathering some snippets, quotes and data from publicly facing information, we’re showing you the features and capabilities that Guesty reviewers love about this vacation rental software.

Best PMS on The Market

We switched over from another PMS about a year and a half ago, and couldn’t be happier with the changes

We have used Guesty for over 2 years now and it has been one of the main factors in growing our business from less than 10 units when we had our first demo to over 130 units today

Improved Organization

Guesty has improved our companies organization, productivity and communication greatly.

Great Customer Service

This tool is backed by a team of individuals that help you succeed. They help our team perform customer service to guests while we focus on the many other aspects of hospitality.

What’s Bad with Guesty Airbnb Management Tools

Same as above – we gather the negative parts from reviews of Guesty and show you where this Airbnb automation software is lacking.

This helps give you a more informed opinion before investing in this tool.

Guesty Takes Time to Master

The time it takes to understand the automations, and updating them properly without making big mistakes.

Guesty is Not Cheap

I would say the thing I like least about Guesty is the price!

 As with any business, if people are willing to pay for it, then the price is right.

increase listings on airbnb
Increase listings on Airbnb with Guesty

Guesty Comparison Matrix

coming soon – full comparison matrix of Guesty vs the competition including:

  • Guesty vs ReservationKey
  • Guesty vs Tokeet
  • Guesty vs Lodgix
  • Guesty vs 365villas
  • Guesty vs Bookerville
  • Guesty vs Escapia
  • Guesty vs Rentals United
  • Guesty vs iGMS
  • Guesty vs Kigo
  • Guesty vs Lodgify

Is Guesty the Best airbnb management software

Right now, this is up to you. You need to try these tools to ensure they fit your needs. Since each tool has a set of pro’s and cons, it is hard to call Guest the best airbnb management software when we know that in certain cases it may not fit perfectly.