Free Channel Manager

Free Channel Manager

Free Channel Manager

A Free Channel Manager is the software that you required to boost your Airbnb income and make a substantial increase in your listing’s popularity.  This is because a channel manager allows you to sell your product or listing to all other channels by directly connecting with Online Travel Agencies and manage your hotel or rental smoothly.


Running a hotel business is indeed a tough job as it demands real-time connectivity with the team and the customers. Achieving this manually is next to impossible. However, the automatic help of hotel management system makes it happen in all respects.

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Why needed?

Well, if you have a rental or hotel of above 10 rooms, then you do require a Channel manager, as it becomes very difficult to manage all 1o rooms and synchronize its availability, real-time check-ins checkouts to the Online agencies. Again making it a very hectic task for any manager or an Airbnb Host.

Hotel ChannelSo to help you out with all these problems, you require a Channel management software, which unfortunately is not usually free. Although, there are Free Channel Manager Software, which is really great. It is hard to choose the best Free Channel Manager amongst all the other in the market.

Which is why we have brought forth the best Free Channel Manger software available in the market.

Five Best Free Channel Manager Software


Free Channel Manager

Here are the top five Free Channel Manager Software which can be downloaded for free


HotelDruid is an Open Source Hotel Management program created by DigitalDruid.Net. It is very easy and helps you to configure room number and details, also allows group bookings and system backup.  The best part about is that operates in multiple languages

Although, if you want someone else to handle the hosting. Then the implementation from  DigitalDruid.Net offers paid hosting plans and the cost varies on the basis of the number of rooms and caps at 250 units.

2.  Abacare Cloud Hotel Management System

Abacare is another free cloud-based solution for hotels and rental management system. It is created as a Windows and browser-based interfaces. It has a customizable user interface, encrypted database, and varying access privileges. It works for all properties of all sizes, from small, family-run hotels up through larger chains.


NOBEDS is the only free hotel and property management software that is compatible with Android and iOS.  It is a cloud-based software that helps you to manage your hotel from anywhere. You can also use this without needing to install it right away. It allows you fully integrate all the services offered by your hotel and also helps covers automatic invoicing, automatic booking confirmation and you receive free statistical data analysis tool with it. However, the problem with NOBEDS is you do not obtain any 27/7 Customer support.

4.KWHotel’s Free

THe KWHotel’s free hotel management solution focuses on medium-sized and small rental properties. In addition to this, The hotel management Sofware also accommodates yacht surfboard rentals. It also offers free software updates and offers support via Skype, phone and even email.

5.OTA Hotel Management

Being a very popular free Channel manager, OTA Hotel Management has been downloaded more than 33,700 times.  It offers Real-time online booking and also manages package rates. Also, if you pay up a small amount, then you can avail of many additional Features along with the Software.

That’s all that we have about some of the best Free Channel Manager out there in the market. To learn about channel manager and how to choose one, just go on to Free Channel Manager and have a good understanding.

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