Fantastic Stay Property Management Platform

fantastic stay property management platform

Knowing how to manage your Airbnb business is one of the first things you should figure out before you take a plunge into this endeavor.

There are several options available for you here, but we’re going to cover the fantastic stay property management platform.

First, you can try to do things yourself so that you will keep all revenues.

This is how many Airbnb hosts begin in their venture.

Fantastic Stay Property Management Platform

But, most hosts soon discover that lots of works are involved when running an Airbnb business, especially hosts with multiple listings.

fantastic stay airbnb software

Running an Airbnb is pretty much the same with running your own mini-hotel. There are different tasks involved here.

You have to message your guests, update your prices, maintain your listing, handle check-ins, clean your space, wash the towels and sheets, resolve problems when they arise, provide guests with local suggestions, and so much more.

In all honesty, being an Airbnb host is a true full-time job.

FantasticStay is the revolutionary vacation rental and property management software, offering the most comprehensive and innovative rental management services.

We update our product daily and strive to continually bring you the newest and best features.

We help estate management with ground-breaking solutions to routine communication, and multitasking necessities for sales, services, and marketing, as well as fully-automated support for critical offline tasks (Asana app), listing management, and reporting.


What will you do if you lack the time to do all of these, then?

Good thing there are now ways you can outsource some or all of these work. For instance, you can hire a check-in manager or cleaner.

This way, you don’t need to be around at all times, letting you manage the listing remotely.

You still need to handle the management and communication of your Airbnb listing. Of course, you can outsource these.

Or better yet, you can use a property management platform like Fantastic Stay that can simplify the whole process, taking only 3% to 5% out of your overall revenue.

Fantastic Stay: Your Full Service Property Management Platform  

Fantastic Stay provides a plethora of services that not just relieves you of majority of your duties as an Airbnb host as it also increases your revenue.

This can optimize your prices and improve the ranking of your listing in search results.

fantastic stay property management platform

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect to get from Fantastic Stay:

  • Channel management – It lets you manage your listing across several platforms and syncs all calendars.
  • Pricing optimization – The optimization of pricing depends on your own financial targets and on the analysis of the market.
  • Reservation management – Booking request and inquiry management includes detailed screening of guests.
  • Ranking optimization – Use the listing optimization to get a higher rank in Airbnb search results.
  • Powerful reporting – Get comprehensive reports of your revenue, response times, average prices every night, and occupancy rates.
  • Guest communication – Answer questions and provide information to guests.
  • Cleanings and check-ins – Coordinate check-outs, check-outs, cleaning, as well as maintenance jobs if needed.
  • Review management – Craft personalized reviews and respond to reviews from guests.
  • Multiple languages – There are around 29 languages supported and can respond to the guest’s language.

Needless to say, Fantastic Stay offers an amazing value for your money.

For as low as 3%-5% of your overall revenue, this platform takes lots of work off your shoulders.

In fact, thanks to this service, many hosts have actually made more money than what they earn without using this service.

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