Extra Airbnb Guest Problem

Every year, a number of hosts go through the Extra Airbnb Guest Problem. And they don’t have any idea of what to do in this particular situation.

The hosts are usually unprepared to deal with this situation as they never thought that a guest can play such a trick on them. If you’ve recently gone through the extra Airbnb Guest Problem, this article is definitely for you. In fact, we recommend sharing this post with every Airbnb host so they may deal with the situation in a better way.

If you’re unable to accommodate the larger number of guests, let your guest know that your place isn’t the right fit for their group size, and ask them to cancel their reservation. They’ll be refunded according to your cancellation policy. Learn how to add additional guest fees for future reservations.


Extra Airbnb Guest Problem

Why guests bring extra people?

There can be many reasons due to which the guests can bring extra guests with them. The major reason why they do so is that they are concerned about saving some money. And sometimes, they want to save the extra fee that is required for additional guests.

Extra People

How can you know if your guest brought extra people?

Most of the hosts have now started using the self-check-in process to facilitate the guests. As a result, they don’t have any idea of how many people came to their apartment. Moreover, the guests are wise enough to manipulate the situation. So, you need to use some authentic ways to figure out if your guests brought extra people.

The common way of figuring this out is to take a look at the number of items the guests used during their stay. But we don’t recommend this method as it has some flaws in it. The best way to keep a record of the guests is to install the security cameras on all the entrances. The best part is that you can operate these cameras with your mobile. So, you can now keep an eye on whether the guest brought extra people with them or not.

Do not feel hesitant

Usually, the hosts feel hesitant to talk about extra Airbnb guest problem. You need to understand that it’s costing you more money. Your hesitation can make a significant hole in your wallet. Therefore, you should confidently talk to the guests if they have brought extra guests.

Cancelling Request

The effective way to deal with extra Airbnb guest problem is to ask the guests to cancel their request. And if they don’t agree upon cancelling the request, you can simply cancel it from your side. And don’t forget to mention the reason for cancelling the request. You can also submit a complaint if you felt uncomfortable with the guest’s behaviour.

Charge Extra Fee

There is nothing wrong with charging extra if you have enough space to accommodate the additional people your guest has brought. You just need to send the change request to the guests with the additional costs for each guest. Make sure that you discuss it with the guest before sending them the request.

Avoid Negative Reviews

Many people consider posting a negative review of the guest when they get to know that the guest brought extra people with them. But we do not appreciate this behaviour. Although the review won’t be visible to the guest unless they post a review about you, you should still stay away from negative reviews as it can affect your reputation on Airbnb in the long run.



Dealing with extra Airbnb guest problem isn’t complicated at all. You need to follow the right method to discourage the guests who follow such kind of behaviour. The methods we’ve mentioned above are the ultimate solution to this problem.

That explains how you can deal with Extra Airbnb Guest Problem. TO read more about Airbnb, click here.

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