Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide Book Review

Entrepreneuria Airbnb Hosting Guide Book Review

Have you ever considered finally saying goodbye to your endless 9 to 5 grind to start a new endeavour that is more financially and personally rewarding? This Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide Book Review by Rick Wong will help you fulfil that dream.

If yes, then being an Airbnb host might be exactly the new career you can start!

Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide Book Review

Rick WongEntrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide is a book that hopes to help aspiring and existing Airbnb hosts out there.

The book serves as a comprehensive guide with complete steps on how to build a self-sustaining Airbnb business.

This is written by an entrepreneur with experience of managing more than 50 properties with revenues of over $2 million.

Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide will walk you through all those nitty-gritty details only an experience host is familiar with and are just being written about in this book.

You can expect to learn a lot of helpful details from Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide, including the following:


  • How you can join the Airbnb board quickly
  • Detailed steps on how to prepare your place for Airbnb
  • Take photos guaranteed to push your competition to the back burner
  • Market research and how to look for the Airbnbs with the best ROI around your area
  • How to automate an Airbnb business
  • How to perform proper and effective SEO on Airbnb listing
  • Hacks for fast-tracking your way into becoming an Airbnb Superhost

Who Can Benefit from Reading Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide?

Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide is a book written for many people:

  • People who wish to enjoy financial freedom and want to say goodbye to their full-time job
  • Airbnb hosts who wish to take things to a higher level
  • Airbnb hosts who wish to systemize their check out, check-in, messaging and cleaning
  • Moms who stay at home who want to earn an extra income on the side
  • Airbnb hosts who want to know how to host and manage more than 10 properties
  • People who like to meet more new people while making some extra cash

Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide Book Review : About the Author

Rick Wong is a renowned entrepreneur who worked in the financial industry for a decade and had been fed up by the corporate rat race and office politics.

Rick decided to be an entrepreneur in the eCommerce and hospitality space.

Today, Rick has a full-time job of running two companies, both of which are worth multi-millions. His experience allowed him to perfect ways on how to grow strong and healthy companies.

Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide Book Review

Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide Book Review: Full Review

Many readers of the Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide book review sites agree that this book is actually written by an actual host who knows all the bells and whistles of the Airbnb platform.

This book also explains how to build an Airbnb business and boost your listings.

The book teaches you lots of things such as the importance of photography, automation of guest messaging, pricing strategies, organizing and managing cleaning staff, SEO and listing hacks, and more.

It doesn’t matter if you are an existing host or you are just planning to become one because Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide is guaranteed to be of great help to your endeavour.

This is part of the research you need to do before you even start looking at properties to invest in. Using all of the tools in this book might help you avoid the basic Airbnb mistakes.

This will make your endeavours more profitable and less risky.

This should be the biggest goal you have when running an Airbnb – reduce risks and increase profitability.

Don’t waste time with expensive tools before you understand the basics of running an Airbnb profitably.

That’s all from Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide Book Review. We hope you did learn something new from this.