Decrease Negative Airbnb Reviews

Decrease Negative Airbnb Reviews

Decrease Negative Airbnb Reviews

Being a service-driven platform that solely runs on the reviews by customers. It no doubts that you are bound to face critical comments in accordance with your behavior and sometime this may even lead up to generating some Negative reviews.

Most prospective guests read bad Airbnb reviews to get a more complete view of other guests’ previous experiences with a host or property


To Decrease Negative Airbnb Reviews you need to make sure that you follow all the necessary steps as mentioned in this article.

Decrease Negative Airbnb Reviews: Necessary Steps Which are Needed

Here are the tips and tricks that you can follow to Decrease Negative Airbnb Reviews

Decrease Negative Airbnb ReviewsAsk your Guest to Change their Ratings

You need to be polite and very humble towards your guests in order to make them understand how much a review means to you and for your understanding.

Although it is a more direct approach there is no harm to it, considering your guest left your place with a satisfied face. This won’t work on any dissatisfied guests.

Try Contacting Airbnb

emotionsIn case the bad review that you got violates Airbnb’s Content Policy, Then you avail the right to simply remove it by contacting Airbnb.

The catch here is, in order to actually remove the review, you need to prove and win your case.  The list to win your case includes, spamming, incentivized reviews, extortion or reviews that do not reflect the authors’ personal experience. Also, in addition to this, you need to abide by all Airbnb rules so that your integrity as a host does not come into questioning.

Write a Response to each and every Review

Having a response to each review indicates that you are someone who cares about their guests. Make sure that all your response is very polite and professional. Even for a bad review.

This shows your future guest that you are someone who takes the job very seriously and someone who is genuine to their duty. Another reason for doing this is allowing your guest to know that you are someone who can accept criticism and resolve the complaints.

Always give clear Expectations

increasseDo not try to overdo or exaggerate about your listing. Guestusually feels as if they are misinformed and that results in leaving a bad review. Be sure to let them know what can they expect from your short term rental.

Be honest be realistic and be very accurate with what your property speaks for you.  In case of any Shortocmings let them know about it in an instance, give more emphasis on your rules and regulations so that your guests do feel the authenticity about your rental.


It is not easy to run an Airbnb considering all the hurdles that you have to face on a day-to-day basis. Although the hard work does lie in your work, it should not be your aim to Decrease Negative Airbnb Reviews but to try and Aim for Superhost Status, which will eventually and automatically decrease Negative Airbnb Reviews on your listing.

This is because you will be required to maintain a 4.8 overall rating with a 90% response rate which means you are bound to uplift your working strategies in such a way that it makes your guest enjoy their stay and also lead to a great review for your Airbnb rental.

Plan in a correct way, try to keep your guest happy, communicate with them properly and in the end receive the credit that your truely deserve and also decrease Negative Airbnb Reviews.

Work out different content for your every dose of supply that is being needed to run your Airbnb perfectly, keep things in check, maintain order, just do not forget to try to Levi your general guest into aking them give a review after 14 days of the stay. A cheap way but very effective in many sorts of ways.

Also, if you are having too many confusions on learning how to obtain better reviews, just click here to know more.