Decrease Airbnb Costs

Decrease Airbnb Costs

Read these secret tips to decrease Airbnb costs, before booking your next reservation at Airbnb.

If you’re an Airbnb Host, we’ve also got some tips to help optimize your business.

And we are sure you will thank us!

Decrease Airbnb Costs

Airbnb provides millions of people a unique opportunity to book a short-term rental in a city and avoid hotels.

Let’s face it hotels are expensive, and they stay there can be boring.

To avoid the industrial feel, and mechanical interactions, people prefer staying at Airbnb properties.

But, with the rise in the air hosting market, and people offering beautiful spaces with a plethora of amenities, you can find some listings that are very expensive.

To decrease Airbnb costs, the guests can use a few tricks and tips that can help them save a few bucks. We gathered these tips from frequent guests and guests to Decrease Airbnb Costs.

Hosts: Decrease Airbnb Costs with These Tips

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Be Very Honest and Transparent With Listings

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Be Upfront and Strict about Cancellations to Decrease Airbnb Cancellations

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Set The right Expectations Always Exceed Expectations to Decrease Airbnb Costs Related to Refunds

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Guests: Decrease Airbnb Costs


Powerful Automated Airbnb Pricing Tools help Airbnb hosts earn up to 40% more revenue.  These services have algorithms that can detect the slightest change in your local Airbnb demand and then they price your rental for maximum income.


Use Filters to Search for an Airbnb

When you search for an Airbnb listing, the algorithms of Airbnb match you to the hosts with best reviews and much to offer. You won’t necessarily need a property with fancy features. So use the filter options to look for a property that fits your requirements.

New hosts and new properties are always joining Airbnb. To Decrease Airbnb Costs Maybe, you will find a gem that fits your requirements at a reasonable price. Just remember to choose a host who has good reviews, and his reviews are consistent in the past few months.

Communicate with the Host

By pushing “Contact the Host”, you will be able to communicate with the host without agreeing to the set price. While communicating, be respectful and converse your requirements, and worries, and ask questions if you have any concerns.

DO NOT ask for a discount yet.

When you contact a host and talk to him respectfully, there is a good chance to get a discount. But don’t yet ask for it without reading No. 3. For this step,  if you push the booking option, the Airbnb website will instantly start booking as soon as the host approves at the proffered price.

Ask for a Special Offer

Did you know hosts can send guests “Special Offers.” Frequent guests claim this is very useful if you are looking for a discount. But there are few ways to do it right. So, read carefully.

  • Don’t ask for a discount for a short trip like 1to 3 nights. It is no use to negotiate for such a small trip.
  • When you do ask for a discount, don’t be unreasonable. Remember that most hosts are local renting their property to make a few bucks on the side.
  • Ask for a discount when you are planning a longer stay like fifteen days to a month or more.
  • Tell the host that you are planning a long stay and if there is a special offer or discount you can use.
  • Take what you get, and don’t negotiate a lot.
  • During the whole process, be very respectful.

Try Last Minute Bookings

Well, this can be a risk. But many guests claim that they have got better rates when booking at the last minute.

The idea is behind is that if the host has availability for Saturday, and hasn’t been booked till Thursday, he will take a guest at lower rates to avoid an empty Airbnb.

Book for a Longer Time

Like in every market, you save more when you buy more in Airbnb too. If you are looking for 5 days for $75 per night, you may have to pay $70 or even $65 per night if you book for 8 days.

If you are planning a vacation, try checking if a longer stay can score you a discount. Longer stay, the lesser price per night, and a long vacation, that’s a win we say!

Decrease Airbnb Costs

By using these tips, you can decrease Airbnb costs for your next reservation. When trying to get a reservation, look for promotions, codes, and special offers. Contact the host for a special discount but be reasonable, and respectful. And also check  Airbnb Growth Hacking.