Declining Airbnb Guests

Declining Airbnb Guests

Declining Airbnb Guests

Although it is ill-advisable for declining Airbnb Guests. However, if you are in some kind of desperate situation. Then desperate times do call for desperate measures to be taken.

When you decline a reservation request, you can choose to keep the calendar dates blocked or make them available for someone else to book. Update your calendar regularly so you’ll only receive reservation requests for when you’re able to host.


It doesn’t matter if you are busy with other tasks, or you don’t have a good feeling about your potential guest. Needless to say what may be your reason. Here’s what we can suggest to you on Declining Airbnb guests.

Declining Airbnb Guests

Declining Airbnb Guests: What happens if you deny a reservation as a Host.


If a host cancels any reservation within 7 days of the check-in, then the host charges a fee of $100. Also, if the host cancels more then one reservation within a six-month period, an additional $50 is charged per cancellation.

In addition to this, you need to explain the reason for your cancellation to Airbnb. And that review is added to the host’s listing page.

Also, you miss out on the chance of becoming a super host for a year after the cancellation occurs.

The host won’t be able to accommodate any other guests during the canceled reservation dates of the previous guest.

Declining Airbnb Guests: How to Make your Guest press the cancel button.

DeniedAs you can see, above if you cancel the booking as a Host, you will have to face severe consequences. Now nobody wants that, in fact having to cancel a guest may lead to huge financial loss through Airbnb. Which why we have deduced some strategies to help you out in declining Airbnb guests and not even getting penalized for that.

Be Very Nice

First and foremost be very polite. Craft a very nice and well-written message to your Guest. First, thank the potential Guest for their inquiry and apologize for not having the property available at their requested period.  And, also give them a reason for your refusal. Also after that offer them a stay at your home at a later date. Let them know that later on whenever they come to visit your town if they feel like it, they can book up your place at a later date and also avail some additional benefits.

Try Offering a Suggestion

People do not like it if you reject a proposal on their faces. So what you can do is gently try to pursue them to change their booking to an alternative rental.

Also, if possible try to check other rentals for them. They would love the courtesy and could even cancel the booking by themselves without hampering you the loss.

Insurance for guest

Sometimes our instincts tell us that something is off but we decline that and in the end, our instincts win and we have to face whatever situation that we got our shelves into. The same can be said about a potential guest. If you feel like something is wrong with your guest. Like points that indicate its some kind of a bad person. Try declining their request by making up excuses for them.

of course, this will cost your reputation to become a Superhost but in the end,  being a Super host is not worth the risk of your life.


In the end, if you want Declining Airbnb Guests is not at all a big problem for you if you have the correct set of instructions mentioned by us. It may affect your status. But if it is really worth the work for which you have canceled your guests. Then we respect your cause.

You may get hardwired in choosing the right guest for your Airbnb. But that is okay, since Declining Airbnb Guests may also end up saving your life from any potential risk. also, to learn more about Airbnb topics, click here.

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