Custom Website for Airbnb

Custom Website for Airbnb

Custom Website for Airbnb: Better Service Straight To You

Custom Websites for Airbnb hosts is a nice way to simplify the communication between the customer and the host and let them know about your home and how it works. A custom Website for Airbnb can be created through 3-rd party web creator that takes care of all of the website building. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know much about building a website, just hire someone and let them create your envision for you

Custom Website for Airbnb

Why is a Custom Website for Airbnb Host Required

Here is some reason to give light on the discussion of why a custom website for Airbnb is required.

Superhosts and hosts using professional hosting tools are eligible to create custom URLs. These custom URLs can be set up to direct people to a listing or to a pro marketing page.


Not having to deal with the Airbnb problem.

Custom Website for Airbnb 1Although Airbnb brings you all the rental opportunities, however, it also sets you up on competing with all the other hosts in your Airbnb. Of course, it creates a higher standard quality to maintain one that guest loves, but it also makes life hard for you to get more customers. So having a Custom Airbnb Host site can help you gain more guests. Also, in addition to this, you can also obtain customers of other nearby locations by ranking up your custom website to be popular on the feed list.

Creating yourself a brand new Business Card

Having a custom website means its own online business card. Now you can not only share your host card with potential guests. But you can also allow them to visit your website and get a better understanding of all that you have to offer.  Also having your own URL means your gues can directly book rooms without having to go type the Airbnb URL which is quite difficult and has a lot of chance to be mistyped.

Creates Credibility to help you build your reputation

Now that you are serious about your rental. you must make sure your website looks as professional as possible. Why? this will add up the reputation of your rental and will help you build online credibility for your company.  You can boast off by showing some top reviews by your guest.  Some TripAdvisor certificate of excellence, expert endorsements, and any other media mention on your website to build your credibility.

Let you get more booking

When you give your brand name on Airbnb then a guest will usually search that on google. Chances are they won’t be able to find your property on google search list which in turn may end up with you losing potential bookings.

Having a custom website means your website is registered as a website directory so if someone enters your rental name online, then your website will be visible on the front rankings. Also if your listing is a tad bit cheaper than other listings, it will mean them choosing your booking instead of the other one. So in short, it will increase your booking capabilities.


Custom Airbnb WordPress

Apart from all the important reasons that we have showcased on having a custom website for Airbnb. The most important one of them is with your won custom Airbnb website, you will get total unbound freedom that you could not previously experience

Although Airbnb allows you to add photos and descriptions, that all that you can do, you are not able to customize your listing page as you desire.

This is why owning your own website allows you freely customize your website as you want or desire. There is none that can hold you back. You get to make your own rules and add brands of your choice. Freedom that only your own website can deliver. Something of that a Custom Website for Airbnb can offer.

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