Cheapest Airbnb Towels

Cheapest Airbnb Towels

Maintaining a real estate business isn’t everyone’s cup of tea- it requires patience, perseverance, and experience through trial and error.

Successful hosts explore better ways to cut down their expenditure on everyday household items to maximize their profits without compromising on the quality of their lodgings.

One of the most costly commodities that need to be replenished at set intervals is towels.

Wipe away your fears: List Cheapest Airbnb Towels

So we have brought forward the Cheapest Airbnb Towels for you to relinquish yourself.

Why should I NOT spend a lot of money on towels for my Airbnb?
Because you are going to be buying a lot of towels over the life of your Airbnb and expensive towels quickly eat up your profits.

A standard towel set is one bath towel, one hand towel, and one washcloth per guest. The general rule of thumb is having available three sets per possible guest.

This means if your place sleeps two then you need 6 sets on hand. One for guests to use, one for back up, and another in case of emergencies. 

So given that math, you can see how quickly the cost towels can add up.


Cheapest Airbnb Towels

Clean and Sanitary – Even with the Cheapest Airbnb Towels

Every guest should be provided clean, sanitary towels in your vicinity, just as you, at your home, have access to them but it must be the Cheapest Airbnb Towels.

Remember, these guests choose Airbnb as it is known for providing a comfortable, homely environment, and should be treated nothing less than a house member.

Furthermore, it leaves a big difference in your stay by giving your guests the rightful impression that you understand and care for their needs. 

Simple is better

With that out of the way, towels don’t come for free! The everyday towel and the more luxurious ones have a huge price difference.

To understand the best fit for an Airbnb listing, focus more on the guest’s perspective.

If your Airbnb is a house/apartment, your guests won’t be expecting gaudy touches from you, and the standard towel will be acceptable.

However, if your listing a high priced villa or beach house,

the commodities should be bought accordingly.

A tip or two on finding the cheapest Airbnb Towels


Bath towels, hand towels, paper towels and beach towels for locations near beaches should all be provided by a host.

A huge surplus of paper towels must be kept inside your Airbnb listings.

(Don’t worry, it’s highly unlikely that your tissue paper supplies go missing.)

To cut down on the cost of these items, we have some advice for you.

Buy them in bulk at lower costs and have them stored away in a locked cabinet for future replacement.

Be sure to use a high-quality detergent and do not change your detergent formula often, as it damages the cloth, making it lose colour.

Add half a cup of white vinegar on the first wash to keep your towel from fading sooner.

Make use of fabric softeners, but only after every three-four cycles. An added trick is to throw a tennis ball in the washer, which bounces around, fluffing up your towels.

Be a picky customer

Airbnb Shopping List

While buying towels, make sure you buy the same colour and choose the microfiber kind, as they are more absorbent.

Some amazing deals at 4-5 star rated towel packs may be found at online websites such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, the Dollar shop, etc.

There are a plethora of options to buy cheap yet high-quality towels. That’s the sign for the Cheapest Airbnb Towels

  • Ikea
  • TinyTowel
  • World Market
  • Bed, bath and beyond
  • Kohls

When bought as packs of 6 or 8, these companies provide cost-efficient offers. The number of towels you provide your guests depends on the nights they will be staying.

Stock them with two bath towels, two hand towels and one cotton washcloth for a stay of two nights.

Paper towels should never run out.

Beware about any scents- some people may be allergic to chemicals.

You may use neutral ones for the cheapest Airbnb Towels

Having a clean, sanitary environment for your Airbnb could be your trip to a high ranked listing in the charts.

We advise all Airbnb hosts to never miss their opportunity to make an impact on their customers, and if a towel cuts your deal, why not?

So found your cheapest Airbnb Towels? We hope you did, check out how does Airbnb makes its money by clicking here.

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