Book Airbnb without Credit Card

Book Airbnb without Credit Card

Book Airbnb without Credit Card

So you want to book your favourite rental listing but you cannot, cause you do not own a Credit Card. Don’t panic, Book Airbnb Without Credit Card is the article that will resolve your problems in a go.

For users, who do not possess a Credit card, Airbnb also offers alternative payment options for the ease of booking. If you don’t have a credit card, you may be wondering how to book Airbnb without a credit card. Well, Airbnb allows a few methods for payment. The method that you can use depends on the country.

Book Airbnb without Credit Card

Airbnb supports various payment methods depending on the country the payment is made in. When you check out after reserving the Airbnb, you will be shown the payment methods that are available to you.

Credit cards are used worldwide to book Airbnb. You can use the credit card to book Airbnb in any country. But if you don’t have a credit card, there are other options that Airbnb allows.

Worldwide Payment Methods to Book without Credit Card:


  • Pre-paid credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB)
  • Debit cards that can be processed as credit

We support different payment methods, which depend on the country your payment account is located in. So in addition to major credit and debit cards, certain payment options are available in specific countries or on specific platforms (like the iOS app or Android app).


Payment options in select countries to Book Airbnb without Credit Card:

  • Apple Pay for the iOS app
  • Google Pay for the Android app in the US
  • PayPal for select countries

This information is available on the Airbnb website. You can check there for detailed information about different countries.

If you are looking for options other than the ones mentioned on the Airbnb website, then you may have to first call the customer services. The customer services can guide you about the other permissible methods of payment to book Airbnb without a credit card.

You can also try to ask on the Airbnb community forum and you will receive information from hundreds of helpful community members.

Make sure to confirm with Airbnb before using any information obtained from resources other than Airbnb.

Book Airbnb without Credit Card : Other Options to Book 

You can also use some other methods of payment. Once again these methods may be permissible for payments made in a specific country.

paymentsAirbnb allows guests to use other options like PayPal and Alipay in some countries. Please visit the Airbnb website to see if your country is on the list. PayU is another payment option allowed by Airbnb for residents of India only. For the people looking to book Airbnb without credit card in Europe, Sofort Uberweisung is allowed by Airbnb. You can visit the website for details or click on the links above to get detailed information about each of these methods.

The easiest and most common method to book Airbnb without a credit card is to use an Airbnb gift card. Airbnb allows all guests to make a reservation using an Airbnb gift card. You can purchase both digital or physical cards to book Airbnb without a credit card.

The Airbnb gift cards are available online and in retail stores. A card can hold an amount from $5 to $500 each. Corporate companies can also use the Airbnb gift cards to allow employees to book Airbnb without credit card. In order to do that, they must buy the Airbnb gift cards in bulk. When buying in bulk, the cards can be bought for credit up to $1000 each.

That’s all about Book Airbnb without Credit Card, if you want to read more such article just click on here.