Best Bluetooth Speaker for Airbnb

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Airbnb

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Airbnb

Everybody wants an extra bit of entertainment especially if they are planning for a vacation. Having a Bluetooth Speaker really adds up the fun and involvement of people at an Airbnb. Want to know how to groove your guest with your melody. Just take a look at the Best Bluetooth Speaker for Airbnb.

We have researched and have taken a lot of consideration for preparing you the list to buy the best Bluetooth speaker for Airbnb.

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Airbnb

A lively party needs an equally lively music system that can blow your guests away with its thumping bass and an audio level that drowns all other sounds. For that, you will have to get a dedicated great party speaker that is designed particularly for this purpose.

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Best Bluetooth Speaker for Airbnb: Top 5 Speakers

Here are the top 5 Best Bluetooth speaker for Airbnb.


The Megaboom ranks to be the best in the market. This is because of its amazing sound quality that also delivers a mind-blowing audio experience for a very long time. With an IPX7 rated design,  Megaboom 3 can survive drops, splashes and fall into your pool without even skipping a beat.

The catch here is, it does not support Alexa or Google Assistant so there goes the smart connectivity. But other than this, the sound quality offered by Megaboom 3 can beat its competitors with ease. Given its very affordable and also feels very premium.


You may have seen this in a lot of comparison websites and it does stay on the top 3 spot and why won’t it. The Sonos Move is the perfect smart speaker and perhaps the best Bluetooth speaker for Airbnb. It has got superb Audio Quality and has around 10 hrs of battery backup, which is great considering it does accept voice control.

The sound is very clear and crisp and also delivers the bass even if you spill water on it as it is rated IP56. Sonos supports all major streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music and can seamlessly switch from Bluetooth to Wifi. However, the price is more than twice that of MEgaboom 3, so it cannot be found on every host’s house.

Fugoo Style-S

Rated to be one of the best Outdoor speakers of the year. Style S does give you that premium sound quality for being a mid  $200 speaker. Having 15 hours of playback, the Device offers an attractive mesh design which can also withstand water.

In addition to the above features, Fugoo Style S also supports Voice Controls so if you want to play some songs for your guest to relax out on your backyard. This one will work perfectly.

Amazon Echo 2nd Gen

A perfect home, smart speaker. Being quite budget-friendly and also being able to provide extensive Alexa voice assistants. the Echo 2nd Gen is unbeatable as a budget smart speaker. Although it does not has a battery life, it can, however, produce decent sound quality for your guest to enjoy.

In addition to this, your guest gets to enjoy the unlimited smart assistant features that the device offers, making it perfect for a small cosy Airbnb Property.

JBL Link 20

It’s impossible to end up a sound debate without inducting one JBL into it. Link 20 brings Google Assistant to JBL at a mediocre price point. Being a $200 ranged speaker, you not only avail the premium quality of JBL but also, you get a decent battery life of 10 hours.

The Speaker is IPX7 rated and that makes it endurable enough to resist a fall inside your pool. And speaking of its sound quality, a JBL can never disappoint you in terms of audio quality, LInk 20 carries on that same JBL legacy within itself.


That’s all for the Best  Bluetooth Speaker for Airbnb. WE have given you the list, but it is all up to you, the host in terms of selecting the best one for yourself and your guest. be it price, connectivity or durability,. Each of the speakers will produce decent sound quality. So make the choice as per your mood and the type of guest that you are planning to welcome.

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