Best Airbnb Review Example

Best Airbnb Review Example

Don’t know how to write the perfect Airbnb Review?

Well, the best Airbnb Review Example can be the ideal option for you to post a great review on Airbnb. The problem is that the users keep looking for a single example that can be perfect for all the situations.

But you need to understand that one example cannot fit all the situations. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a list of examples that can be perfect for different situations. If you’re looking for the best Airbnb Review Example, you’ve come to the right place.

Sometimes your guest didn’t even stay that long, and now you feel pressured into writing a few sentences — good or bad — about him or her. You probably don’t feel like you have much to say. Besides “slept in bed; left in morning,” you just don’t know what to write.


In this article, we’ll share some examples of positive and negative reviews so you may leave a professional review about the guests when they’ve left your property. We hope that you’d be able to post excellent reviews about your guests after reading this post. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the Best Airbnb Review Example List we’ve brought for you.

Best Airbnb Review Example

Best Airbnb Review Example List

Some Random Reviews
  1. “Had a great time with (Guest Name). Would love to spend more time with them whenever possible.”

It’s one of the best examples you can follow when posting a review on Airbnb. The best thing about this review is that it clearly describes that you’re very happy with the guest’s behavior. And you’d be more than happy if they ever came to stay at your place in the future.

The other hosts would easily be able to figure out that the guest has a great personality. And they won’t have any problems dealing with the guest.

2. “(Guest Name) Left the place incredibly tidy. I really loved dealing with the guest. And I’d happily recommend him to any host.”

You need to fill the review box with the things you liked about the guest. As you can see in this review, the host has mentioned that the guest left the property tidy. And this is what many hosts like about the guests. Similarly, the host has provided some comfort to the hosts by recommending the guest. We believe it’s the best Airbnb Review Example the hosts can use to describe their experience with the guest.

3. “(Guest Name) was very communicative. I had no problem with scheduling time for the check-in and check-out process. Welcome Back Anytime”

Communication is really important when you’re renting out your property to the guests. The hosts like to know this aspect before renting their house to a guest. In this situation, your review will play an essential role for the hosts. And they’d find it easier to decide whether a guest is suitable for them or not.

4. “(Guest Name) was nice and easy to talk. I never felt like he was a stranger. In fact, I loved having a cup of coffee with him right before he checked out.”

Airbnb helps the hosts and guests with collecting some amazing memories. The guests would love to spend some time with you as you’re the only point of contact for them in that area. And you should mention these moments in your review to show other hosts how friendly the guests are.

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