Best Airbnb Glassware

Best Airbnb glassware

I admit this is a small detail.

But it is a small detail that EVERY SINGLE GUEST comes in contact with during their stay at your vacation rental.

You need to provide the best Airbnb glassware in terms of quality and definitely cleanliness.

Choosing the right glassware for your Airbnb can be tricky. Choosing the best Airbnb glassware for your situation might be even harder.

Mainly because, when we think of buying glassware what comes to mind are the fancy styles out there. We look at wine glasses, cocktail glasses, flutes and globes and wonder which we should provide to our guests.

Best Airbnb glassware

Best Airbnb Glassware

Every Airbnb host wants his or her lodgings to offer the best and latest amenities. So when it comes to glassware there is a lot of confusion about which styles or sizes to buy. If you should get one set or multiple sets of different styles of glasses. Can going with a simpler choice make your Airbnb less classy?

The good news is: You do not need to get too fancy like they do with beer glasses:

Beer glassware comprises the drinking vessels made of glass designed or commonly used for drinking beer. Different styles of glassware exist for a number of reasons: they may reflect national traditions; legislation regarding serving measures; practicalities of stacking, washing and avoiding breakage; promotion of commercial breweries; folk art, novelty items or use in drinking games; or complementing different styles of beer for a variety of reasons, including enhancing aromatic volatiles, showcasing the appearance, and having an effect on the beer head.


You want to keep it simple.

And, you want it to feel familiar and provide a sense of home.

Why do you want to keep the glassware simple in your Airbnb? Because when people are on a vacation, the last thing a traveler wants is to worry about the fine china or delicate flute glasses.

You want a drink, you get a drink, you put the glass in the dishwasher and you are done!

Therefore, we recommend to go with a simple style of drinking glasses.

The latest trend in glassware is to use glasses with thin walls. But when buying for an Airbnb, think classic. You need a set that is sturdy and durable. It should be the right style and size suitable for regular use.

If you are out looking for the best glassware for your Airbnb, we have got just the right set for you.

Introducing the Galaxy Glassware 12-pc. Set by Home Essentials

Best Glassware Airbnb
The Galaxy Glassware set is the best for Airbnb at a really reasonable price.

Why Is This The BEST Airbnb Glassware?

No need to try putting variety in your glassware.

This is the gold standard.

The workhorse

Mr T.

Wait, what does Mr T have to do with glassware again?!  We digress…

This glass set has three styles. The set comes with four glasses in each style. So all your sizes and styles trouble is solved. 

In addition to that, at $27.99 for the full set, you are not put back much on your list for best Airbnb kitchen items.

CAVEAT: These are NOT high-end glassware. We found these to be great sturdy and standard glassware. Scroll down further in the article to see our recommendations for both High End and Super Cheap glasses for your vacation rental.

The styles and styles in the Recommended Galaxy set are:

The glasses look so pretty with a stripe/tier pattern on the inside walls. This is so much better than plain and boring glasses. They are sturdy and strong. You can easily stack them to save some cabinet space. The glasses are dishwasher safe so no hustle about washing them.

Will Your Airbnb Guests Love this Glassware?

Travellers and vacationers are always looking for something familiar when they come home. We bet they will love the standard styles, sizes of this glass set. Although the style is fairly common, it is still important that these sets convey quality and thought.


Protecting Your Airbnb Drinking Glasses with Damage Policy

In your house rules, you should add an item for covering glassware breakage and damage. Over the course of years, you will likely go through a few sets of glassware.

To provide a great Airbnb experience, having full sets of glassware is going to help. Make sure you can afford to re-order more by adding in a small fee for broken kitchenware to cover this re-ordering cost.

If you are able to, it might be good to buy 2 at once so that you’re not without a full set of the best Airbnb glassware for your guests.

High-End Glassware for Airbnb Vacation Rentals


If you have a luxury Airbnb or High-End Airbnb unit, then you may want to go for this set of high-end glassware to help fulfil that luxury glassware expectation and taste that your guests will expect at the higher price ranges.

Super Cheap Glassware for Your Barebones Airbnb

Alternatively, if you’re on the low end of Airbnb like a room share, hostel situation shared sleeping, or bunk beds, then you can go super cheap on the glassware and kitchenware like this set.

Cheap Plastic Glasses for Vacation Rental

The best cheap plastic glasses for your Airbnb are the kind that is best in Airbnb’s that are used in party towns or when renting during events where younger or less sophisticated crowds may becoming.

Using cheap plastic glasses gives your guests to lets them know how relaxed you are about your unit. They’ll rest at ease knowing they don’t have to worry about replacement costs of glass cups.

Absolute Cheapest of Cheap Glassware Option for Airbnb

Warning: You’re not going to convince someone to give you a 5-star rating of your Airbnb if you provide them with a cheap glassware option like this. The paper cup or “dixie” cup can provide the absolute basic liquid retention needs for your guests.

FINAL WORD on Glasses For Your Vacation Rental

This set is certainly the best glassware for Airbnb. It offers so much more than a regular glass set. There is variety and, there is functionality. It’s a safe choice as you don’t have to spend time choosing and buying other sets.

The best part is this is very affordable and easily available. You can order the set right now from Amazon for around $27.

We hope this article will help you choose the best glassware for your Airbnb.

2nd Opinion on the Best Airbnb Glassware


Airbnb hosts have to keep an assorted inventory in their Airbnb kitchen lists and shelves that their guests would use upon checking in. It’s a healthier option rather than eating out all the time, and crockery is needed even if guests decide upon online food delivery. Having the best Airbnb glassware for your guests help them achieve that goal.

Of course, carrying kitchen utensils to a vacation is ridiculous, and buying disposables is degrading to our planet along with being not-so aesthetically pleasant for dine-in. Hosts may stumble upon the options of buying fancy glassware for their beautiful listings.

Trendier glassware options that usually catch the eye are long, slender goblets, twisted cocktail glasses, flutes, and globes. However, what is important to make a mark on your guests isn’t exactly these fashion trends.

Chopsticks and clay-pots

Guests flock towards Airbnb for a unique, local experience. They have a desire to learn about the culture of the countries they visit and as a host, you must give them exactly that. (If you want those five stars, that is.)

Every lodging should have enough kitchenware amenities to be able to cater to guests’ needs, as well as give a homely, traditional feel that correlates your listing with the rest of the local tradition. It leaves a cultural aura to your lodging.

For a couch potato moment

Furthermore, it’s worrying and intimidating to use costly glassware, such as fine china or thin goblets. To understand the type of glassware an Airbnb listing should have, we must fully understand the mind of the traveller.

Guests would opt for a home or apartment through Airbnb for having the facility to cook themselves a meal when needed. Thus your kitchen inventory must have the primary necessities laid out: pots, pans, plates, glasses, spoons, forks and knives.

No item made of glass is acceptable here because the best Airbnb glassware does not have added strains of cracking due to the higher temperature of hot food. Metals are a bonus, given that their style and size are suitable for regular use.

We would like to make a toast

Now that we have empowered your future guests with easy cooking and eating options for their table, we may move on to the more gaudy glasswares. Small glassware set for a selective drink in the afternoon seems nothing short of classy for your Airbnb guest.

Have a cabinet labelled as glassware (extra marks on strategic placement) and put in a fine, fashionable and textured glass set having highball glasses, pretty quarter plates, and ice cream serving bowls. They could be designed with different textures and patterns.

However, there is still no need for them to be fragile. A sturdy, strong and stackable option is practical both for you and your guests.

Breaking through the glass ceiling

When out shopping for the best Airbnb glassware options for your lodging, these are the factors that should be kept in mind. Amazon has a vast variety of glassware at low prices, which could be surfed easily online. Having practical, strategically placed glassware can make a difference in the stays you host, giving your Airbnb the added boost in ranking that it deserves.