Best Airbnb Descriptions

best airbnb descriptions

Best Airbnb Descriptions

Want your Airbnb to stand out with its intro, the Best Airbnb Descriptions are what you need to boost your Airbnb business to the next level.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for how to craft the best Airbnb description. So we’ve scoured Airbnb and rounded up some of our favorite listings, then zoomed in on what makes them so special. Check them out!


Here’s how some of the Best Airbnb Description looks like

According to GuestHook take a look at

“Humor in  Charleston”, a catchy name and with a unique and descriptive plot. That also features all the essentials required to write a compelling description and make it to the Best Airbnb Descriptions.

Another one can be  “Simple, sweet, and sets the scene in Northern CA” not something catchy but quite simple yet very standard. Something that attracts all. The description of this Airbnb can be said to be what any professional homeowner would want for their listing.

A descriptive room


Best Airbnb Descriptions: How Can you Write the Best Airbnb Descriptions

Here’s what you need to for writing the Best Airbnb Descriptions

Don’t use Generic Cheap words on your title, get it rid of cheap words on your description, short generic terms like, best, great, most are usual and quite unlikely to attract any new yes. instead, you can try to change the words and make it sound more poetic. Sometimes like the astounding view of the cinematic night. To give it a more story-based approach.


Create Segments of your description. Remember, nobody likes to read some long and boring descriptions as they feel tired to go through every sentence. Try writing your description in points or create small segments that describe each part of your listing and what does each area of your property symbolizes.  Making your description in parts, not only interest the guest but also makes it quite enjoyable for the viewers to airbnb descriptions

Write why your Airbnb beats any other’s. That’s the selling point of the listing and you need to show that on your description.  What you can provide that no one else can. Why is your listing much more reliable than others. Keep that in mind while writing the first and the last paragraph of your description. If you have any private room or private party place, do not forget to add that as well.

Since the vacation rental industry is all about developing a deep relation with your guests. SO you need to show what type of Airbnb is your property all about. Are you a family-friendly or more couple oriented or want some solo travelers for your Airbnb. As each guest usually goes on a personal taste and a personal preference. So your description should have the tune of your niche. To gain more guests from a certain section. See the type of guest that stay on your property and write a description to gain more people of the same tone.

Descriptive House at seashore
Descriptive House at the seashore


Follow all the above guidelines if you truly want your Airbnb to stand out and make a name for itself. Our suggestions for the BEst Airbnb Descriptions requires your motivation and your determination to create an amazing experience for your guest so that they leave a 5-star review on their every stay.  Just stay original and write what you truly feel for your guest. They will defiantly love it. Just remember, a good and high-quality title adds an extra spark to it.

So that’s all about the  Best Airbnb Descriptions for your Airbnb, you just need to follow the above procedures and you are good to go. Here are some other blog collections to  browse through

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