Beds 24 Short Term Rental Software

Beds 24 Short Term Rental Software

Beds 24 Short Term Rental Software: Everything you Need to Know

In this age of rental software, you need to be precise on which rental software you will be using. Beds 24 Short Term Rental Software is one of such strong and flexible software that will help you to manage your property or manage your online bookings.

Beds24 helps small to mid size hotels, B&Bs, hostels, holiday rentals & property managers managing multiple properties automate routines and simplify workflows to save time and increase efficiency. *Smart automation tools to manage bookings, rates, availability, guests. *Channel manager keeps inventory and prices automatically up to date across all channels. *Booking engine includes fully customizable widgets, showing live availability and prices. *Secure guest payment collection.


What is Beds 24 Short Term Rental Software

Beds24 is a cloud-based solution started on 2006 that helps business to automate the processes for booking and billing of hotels, lodges, inns, guest houses, hostels, cottage and many more sorts of property bookings.

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It also offers the user certain key features like built-in accounting, vacation rental.. channel analytics, inventory control and different activities booking. A lot of features from a small software.

Beds 24 Short Term Rental Software and Airbnb

Beds 24 Short Term Rental Software

There are is a lot of features that beds24 offer to Airbnb, like a bunch of capabilities that one can get through Bed24 like,

Being able to Import Listings from Airbnb which create properties and rooms in Beds24.

Beds24 can also create new listings in Airbnb as well as connect to existing listings in Airbnb which are not API Connected. So for publishing a listing from Beds24, you need to create and publish a new listing and then COnnect to an existing listing to update it from Beds24.

Update the content information and also update the latest pictures as per your convenience.

Export prices of entered on your RACK RATE. BE sure to input prices of more than 12 months in advance else, Airbnb will only use the price that your Rack Rate and upload that.

Export availability and Airbnb will check real-time availability before accepting a booking and update their displayed calendar around a lot during the day,

Import booking, booking modifications and cancellations. Also, it allows you to import booking requests.

Beds 24 Short Term Rental Software: The Limitations

beds24Although you have numerous capabilities. There are some limitations to this online service

Beds24 can only connect with Airbnb hosts that are eligible of XML use. So places, where XML access is restricted, cannot support Beds24 service.

Hosts from other DACH region apart from Germany cannot use the XML even if they imprint it in their Airbnb Profile.

If you not eligible for XML then you cannot your the AIbrnb ICal connection to synchronise calendar on Beds24.

If you do not have daily prices or rates in which Airbnb is activated. The Default Daily Price will be used to a year in advance. So if you have any error in doing that. It may get really problematic to change it again and again.


Beds24 serves its purpose perfectly to play as a cloud base booking management software. Many users that have used this application have earned huge profit over the rental market. All thanks to Beds24. It only grows your business exponentially, but also helps you to maintain that business for a very long time. This is a great tool to manage every booking and help you expand your listings throughout man cities.

That’s all about Beds 24 Short Term Rental Software that we have in this article, to read more about other Airbnb type short rental software just like this Beds 24 Short Term Rental Software, just read from here.

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