Bed Bugs Airbnb

Bed Bugs Airbnb

Bed Bugs Airbnb: Don’t You just hate it!

If your guests are getting bit by bed bugs, then there is practically nothing you can do to salvage a booking. They are the hitchhikers of the bug world, which can travel in shoes, clothing, and suitcases of your guests. Once they find their way into a home, they can hide in numerous places such as in folded areas of beds, in cracks, and behind baseboards. What’s more, they can survive weeks without feeding. Therefore, it is not a trouble that is expected to go away on its own.

Bed Bugs Airbnb

If you often monitor signs for a bed bug infestation and prepare yourself with the best anti-bed bug practices and products, you can easily deal with this problem. Although it is not possible to entirely prevent guests from taking bugs to your home, you can take some steps to reduce the potential for infectivity. That’s why we have Bed Bugs Airbnb

There’s practically nothing you could do to salvage a booking if your Airbnb guests are getting bit by bed bugs.  These tiny little begs can’t fly and prefer to stay put but have infested hotels and short term rental units all over the world by hitch hiking onto travelers.


Bed Bugs Airbnb: Get a Mattress Encasement Cover

As an Airbnb host, you understand the importance of providing the excellent night sleep to the guests. Having comfortable and luxury mattresses are essential for this, but the more important thing is to protect them from unwanted guests. You can purchase mattress encasement cover to ensure that bed bugs do not make their way inside the mattress.  It will prevent bed bugs from spreading to your bed and help you get rid of this problem.

Bed Bugs Airbnb: Cover the Cracks

If your Airbnb guest carries bed bugs with them, make all efforts to ensure that they do not get into your bed frame or walls. Make use of a foam sealant and cover any cracks to keep it all under control.

Bed Bugs Airbnb: Consider a Metal Bed Frame

Generally, bed bugs do not hole in the wooden furniture, but they hide in the crevices and cracks that wooden bed provides them. Alternatively, you can install a metal bed frame. This way, you can reduce the cracks and craves, and bed bugs would not find space easily to hide. Moreover, bed bugs don’t like to crawl on the metallic surface.

Bed Bugs Airbnb: Purchase Bed Bug Traps

Making use of bed bug traps is another easiest way to prevent them. These traps are crafted with walls that make it almost impossible for bed bugs to climb up. Therefore, bed bugs will find it hard to get on the bed while your guest sleeps.

Bed Bugs Airbnb: Get Metallic Luggage Racks for the Room

In most of the cases, the bed bugs enter into Airbnbs and hotels through luggage or bags. You can keep your guests from taking their infested Luggage on the bed by getting luggage racks.

Bed Bugs Airbnb: Make use of Pesticide Spray                               

Since bed bugs are notoriously sneaky, it is almost impossible that you will get rid of them totally on your own. Therefore, if you or your guest suspect bed bugs, then you should make use of pesticide spray immediately. This will not only help you get rid of bed bugs but also highlights your care for your guest.

With the tips mentioned above, you can hopefully prevent the bed bugs. However, if the condition has become worse, and you are finding it difficult to get rid of bed bugs, take the help of professionals. Generally, professional pest cleaners are trained and equipped with the proper tools, so they can help make your Airbnb rooms 100% bedbugs free.



So that’s all there is on Bed Bugs Airbnb. We hope you have a good understanding on what you are dealing with and how do you deal with the Bedbugs. For more Airbnb posts, just click on here.

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