Automated Airbnb Email

automated Airbnb email

Automated Airbnb Email. People yearn to own a business without realizing the pains of managing one. Once customers start flooding in, it becomes a hassle for those behind the desks to respond to every one of their queries within the next hour. As simple as that work needs to be conducted on a regular basis.

Airbnb uses the native communication tools of Airbnb, so your guests will receive the message as a text message, mobile app notification or emailAirbnb does not provide you with the guests email address, so you have to collect it yourself. gives each guest a temporary email.


Automated Airbnb email

Customers hate waiting, so you have to grab your customer’s attention as soon as they look towards your direction. This can’t be achieved by a single person and hiring multiple people as contact agents might be a little strenuous on one’s pocket.

automated Airbnb email

Hosts at Airbnb often find themselves dealing with email inquiries at odd times as Airbnb is a dense network that connects tourists to listings worldwide. Replying to emails is a challenge as time-frames and schedules vary on both the host and guest sides. That’s where Automated Airbnb Email comes in to help out. 

The plane is on Auto-pilot with automated airbnb email

airbnb automated mail

Artificial intelligence has made its impact on the community by having countless applications. Airbnb itself makes use of automated email and encourages its hosts to do the same. To set up an automated email at Airbnb is easy and starts at only 18$ a month, known as ‘Smartbnb’.

Airbnb automated email has Some amazing features 

Smartbnb is multi-lingual. The AI identifies the language of the received email, then translates your previously set email for your potential guest to understand. It can send the most appropriate response after evaluation of the subject of the message, thanks to a strategic Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

All this is possible while still maintaining a guest-friendly personal experience, by the option of using a vast array of ‘tags’, including the guests’ names, check-in times and dates and the stay’s total dues.

Due to keyword detection software, Smartbnb can automate messages to adhere to the simple needs of guests. For example, a guest message containing the word ‘passcode’ will result in Smartbnb automatically sending instructions to the property’s wifi and other house codes.

Staying top-notch yet worry-free

airbnb automated emailThe cherry on top is that Smartbnb comes with additional bonus features, potentially boosting a listing’s ranking in the search bar. It also performs as a second eye, keeping a daily check on the listing’s rankings.

Automated messages enrich the guest experience. It’s the best way to make your customers feel at ease. It is advisable to set up a separate automated message at various time intervals before, during and after check out.

Initial booking inquiry and booking confirmation are prerequisites, while check-in information and pre-check-out messages give a more professional touch. Some nice gestures include post-check-out (thank you) messages and a review reminder.

To go out of your way by offering a friends + family discount offer might be a great marketing strategy.

All in all, Automated Airbnb Email if and when used practically and strategically can greatly boost the productivity of any real estate rental business at Airbnb.

Sending back guests with a phenomenal, memorable recreational experience has the potential to land a five-star rating, where Smartbnb might just be the game-changer.

It’s indeed a sigh of relief for the host as well, by sharing the work burden with a business partner as clever and intelligent as Smartbnb. 

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