August Smart Lock for Airbnb

August Smart Lock for Airbnb

August Smart Lock for Airbnb: Welcome to Automated Guest Management

August Smart Lock for Airbnb

August Smart Lock for Airbnb is the perfect way to automate your hosting duties. Thanks to technological advancements, it is getting easier to host guests without being physically present there. This cool device will save you from finding the old-school key hiding hacks. Moreover, it will save your time and money spent on hiring property managers.

Welcome to the automated guest management arrangement. 

When guests reserve an August-enabled property, they receive an email with detailed instructions based on the access method selected by the host. Any reservation changes or cancellations automatically change the access dates and times. Once the reservation ends, access to the property automatically ends.


Get the August Smart Lock for Airbnb

And guess what, most guests prefer an Airbnb with automated door locks. Just like August Smart Lock for Airbnb.

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How does August Smart Lock for Airbnb Work?

  • The integration of August with Airbnb gives a smarter hosting experience by making your property August-enabled property. Once August is integrated with Airbnb, its smart locks and keypads sync. They are activated to automate the guests’ check-in and checkouts. 
  • August makes your life simpler and safer as it works in synchronization with your smart devices. It is compatible with Apple Home Kit, including Siri, apple tv, watch, iPad and all of them. You can also command it by using Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. These require a connection of Wi-Fi bridge for the voice commands. 
  • You, the host, can personalize its settings and select the access method.
  • After your property is booked, the guests will receive a confirmation in the email with the code information.
  • The access code will go live at the check-in and the code will expire at the time of check-out.
  • Your guests will receive all the details in the email. The information and instructions about the access process.
  • August takes care of the changes regarding the reservations. For example, if a reservation is changed or been cancelled, the time and dates will be changed automatically and therefore terminating the access to the property. 
  • The automated keys can be revoked anytime and cannot be reused.
  • Airbnb hosting platform is directly integrated with August to give the hosts and guests completely automated experience of check-in and checkouts.

How to Use the August Smart Lock for Airbnb?

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Step number 1: You have to connect all your Airbnb accounts with August. Select the tab “work with” and then select Airbnb and Airbnb connect. Enter all your information and your listing will appear.

Step number 2: Pair the locks with all your Airbnb rentals in your listing. Then select the available locks to your guests. There is another option of multiple locks for one rental, and you can choose and select the lock that you want to make accessible for your guests.

Step number 3: You can choose the type of access for your guests, either through smart Apps or through the keypad. You can also offer both access to your guests by selecting the option. August recommends their host users to give their guests access to the one-touch lock.

In the one-touch lock, it will be easy for the guests to lock the door when they leave. For home access through the keypad, August Connect or Doorbell Cam is necessary for personalized lock and entry codes. Whereas for home access through Apps, there is no requirement for August Connect.

 Final Word:

August Smart Lock for Airbnb is an advanced integration device for locks to make hosting simple and safe for both the host and the guest. So, no need for looking for or picking up the spare key. You can use August Smart Locks for your Airbnb property and automate the checking-in and checking-out of your guests.

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