Airbnb Welcome Book

Airbnb Welcome Book

Do you think Airbnb Welcome Book isn’t necessary when you’ve added all the important information to your Airbnb Listing?

Yes, you’re right. But the Airbnb Welcome Book enables you to go that extra mile so you may get plenty of 5-star reviews on your Airbnb Listing. The welcome book is a detailed guide where you can share information about places your guests should visit during their stay. You can also add information about the amenities they can enjoy at your home. There are plenty of other things you can mention in the welcome book.

For hosts, a guestbook offers a great way to impress guests. It shows that you want them to experience the best that your area has to offer. It also demonstrates to guests that you’re a helpful host and you want their stay to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

For guests, the Airbnb guestbook is the perfect place to find all of the information that they need for staying at an Airbnb property.


Why you need an Airbnb Welcome Book?


Airbnb Welcome Book

The Welcome book shows the guests that you care for them and you’re willing to provide them with a great experience during their stay. The welcome book enables your guests to navigate your property without getting into trouble. Thus, they’d be able to enjoy a stress-free vacation at your rental property.

Another benefit of the welcome book is that it shares information about popular restaurants, stores, and coffee shops the guest must visit during their stay. Most importantly, the welcome book increases your chances of getting a 5-star review on your Airbnb Listing. As a result, it brings you more customers in the future.

Things to include in your Airbnb Welcome Book

We hope you’ve now understood the importance of adding a welcome book to your Airbnb. So, it’s time to take a look at things you should include in your Welcome Book.

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A personal Welcome Note

Unlike hotels, you need to provide a different experience to the guests because they want to feel at home. So, a personal welcome note can be a great way of giving a warm welcome when they come to your Airbnb.

Helpful Local Contacts

Don’t forget to add helpful local contacts in the welcome book. These are the contacts the guest will need in different situations. First of all, you should add your contact in the contact list because you’re the only person they know in your area. Secondly, you should add the contact number of a friend or relative who will help the guests when you aren’t around.

After that, you should add the number of the nearest medical clinic, police department, and Fire department. Thus, the guest will be able to contact them in an emergency if they are unable to contact you.

House Policies

It’s worth mentioning your house policies in the Airbnb Welcome Book so that the guests may feel comfortable when they are staying at your home. Make sure that you mention a few rules in the book the guests need to follow when they are at your home.

How-to instructions

That’s the main part of an Airbnb Welcome Book. The guests are going to contact you if they had problems with doing something in your home. You can simply add information about how to use the thermostat, Fireplace, Kitchen Appliances, Washer, and Dryer. Similarly, you should mention if there are any quirks in the home. Thus, the guests won’t get annoyed when they get into that particular situation.

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