Airbnb Welcome Binder

Airbnb Welcome Binder

Airbnb Welcome Binder: Some Important Things to Include in Your Binder

Not a lot of hosts even think about the Airbnb welcome binder when preparing their property for short-term rentals. But, this binder actually plays an important role in the overall experience of your guests.Airbnb Welcome Binder

You don’t need a fancy welcome binder. All you have to do is put it somewhere where everyone can see it easily, such as the coffee or dining table. Don’t forget to label this, so your guests will know what it is in the first place. You can put the pages in sleeves or laminate them to avoid them getting ripped or dirty over time.

Your welcome binder doesn’t have to be too fancy – we use a standard 3-ring binder for ours. Make sure it is placed somewhere visible, like the dining or coffee table, where it will be easily seen. Also remember to label it the “welcome binder,” so that your guests know what it is! Be sure to laminate the pages or put them in sleeves, otherwise, they will get dirty or ripped over time.


Here are some of the main components you should include in your Airbnb welcome binder:

Your House Rules

Airbnb Welcome Binder
Airbnb Welcome Binder

House rules are best listed on the first page of your welcome binder. These should include rules on the security deposit. While this is already included in your listing description, there are times when guests forget about what they read on your listing the moment they arrive on the property.

Also, if a dispute arises with any guests who violate a house rule, you will be glad that the rule is indicated in the welcome binder and listing description alike. It can come in handy if the issue needs to be escalated to Airbnb.

Instructions on How to Use Amenities and Devices

Airbnb Welcome Binder
Airbnb Welcome Binder

Your guests will appreciate if your home as a spa, grill, or gas fireplace, but there is a chance that they don’t know how to use those amenities they don’t have at home. Remember this when preparing your Airbnb welcome binder. Add instructions for using items, not standard in homes. While you don’t need to instruct them on how to use your coffee maker or microwave, it is important to teach them how to turn off the grill’s propane or open your chimney flue.

Older guests may also have a hard time turning on smart appliances. If your Airbnb listing offers cable, you also need to include instructions on how to reach the cable input and how to stream apps.

If you are using other smart devices like a smart thermostat, smart locks, or smart lighting, you also need to provide instructions on how to operate them. Once they know how to use these devices correctly, they will have a cooler and more convenient to stay in your property. They might even rave about these features in their feedback or review.

Activities and Things to Do

Most Airbnb guests are from other places who want to unwind and explore a new area. They are going to appreciate whatever help you can offer on how they should best spend their getaway. You can provide your guests with some details about local parks, attractions, beaches or lakes, and other activities you will also enjoy yourself if you happen to be a tourist. You can also include some contact information and brochures for the activities in the Airbnb welcome binder.

Contact Details and Phone Numbers

Local phone numbers should also be included in the Airbnb welcome binder. These include emergency and safety numbers for the local police and fire department.

So these are the basic things that you need to include on your Airbnb Welcome Binder for the guest to make them feel more at home. To learn more about Airbnb, click here at Airbnb Growth Hacking.