Airbnb Travel Insurance

Airbnb Travel Insurance

Airbnb Travel Insurance: The Need

Airbnb Travel Insurance is something that is not necessarily covered by every insurance company. Also, Airbnb becoming more and more popular day by day. The question does arise on whether one’s travel insurance does cover Airbnb accommodation as well.

Leading the pack in person-to-person lodging is Airbnb. Born out of San Francisco in 2008, Airbnb is a ‘trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodation around the world’. Despite having fallen subject to legal action in NYC under the 2011 short-term rental law, Airbnb has gone from strength-to-strength.

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Airbnb Travel Insurance: Does Airbnb Offer Travel Insurance?

The simple answer to that is NO. Unforuntuanely. Airbnb only offers Host Protection Insurance or Host Guarantee for the host to protect themselves from any case of liability or property damage by clients. For Guest, however, there isn’t any sort of insurance scheme to insure them off with their bookings.

Airbnb Travel Insurance

Who offers Travel  Insurance?


Fake FakeIt’s the Travel Insurance Companies that offer you the assistance of acquiring the insurance for your Airbnb Stay. Here is how you can choose the perfect travel insurance company for your Airbnb Stay.

Check does your travel insurance cover all of the following issues that may be faced by you :

Last-minute cancellation protection from your Host. To give you a full refund of your stay if, by any case, you host denies or cancels your booking at the final hour before checking in.

If you had to cancel the Airbnb Stay then check where the insurance company provides a reclaim of your payment or not. Of course, you would require to have solid proof and valid reasons for your claim to be successful.

Also, does your Travel insurance cover up or take any responsibility for the theft or robbery of your possessions. In most cases, they will most Definity cover up the theft of your luggage at your Airbnb. But you need to know that, the responsibility for keeping your belongings safe is solely yours. As you may recover the money, but you will not be able to recover the true value of your possessions.

Also, does it cover any damage to hosts property? as you may never know what you end up breaking in someone’s house by mistake. And if that broken piece cost a fortunate, you better be ready to pay them back through your insurance money.

Finally, you need to make sure that your travel insurance does cover natural diastases. As there is no way to overcome a problem that falls under the “acts of God” only can your insurance company give you the policy to recover the evaluation of your belonging on any natural disaster?

Companies that cover Airbnb Travel Insurance :

Here are some of the travel insurance companies that do offer you Airbnb travel Insurance for your stay :

CF Travel Insured International: It might be a costly package but it does cover up all the above-mentioned policies that are needed to be listed by an Airbnb Travel insurance company. With Medical Benefits and giving you up to 150% refund of your  Standard Cancellation Benefits.

iTravelInsured: Has the best premium segment travel insurance policy. Along with a 150% standard cancellation benefits and making Medical Benefits coverage Primary. What’s great about this Plan is that it helps by providing you with a Look Back Period of 60 Days.

AIG Travel Guard: This might be the best value for money package available for any traveller out there. Giving up to 150% of Standard cancellation benefits at the rates which are half of  CF’s most premium travel insurance policy. The chances of safe proofing your travel are achieved with AIG Travel Guard. However, it does miss out some additional benefits like not giving any refund of the guest cancellation of the booking due to any reason. Other than that it is fine.


Although it might be a little bit tacky for one to select the best sort of Airbnb Travel Insurance for themselves. However, with the help of this article, we hope that we are able to enlighten you with all the necessities for obtaining Airbnb Travel Insurance and claim  Airbnb Insurance for your next Airbnb stay.

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