Airbnb Tips To Know Before Putting Your Home on Airbnb

Airbnb Tips To Know Before Putting Your Home on Airbnb


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Airbnb Tips To Know Before Putting Your Home on Airbnb

This used to be a butcher shop here in Philadelphia and this frame right here is actually the refrigerator door the frame for it and they left it up just to keep this apartment looking fun and now this is going to be an Airbnb space and so my gift to you today is we’re gonna walk through four big Pro tips that I want to give you.

if you’re starting your hosting journey if you have one property you’re generally new at this there’s a lot of you out there so I’m gonna help make you a better Airbnb host by giving you some rules of the road my name’s Sean and without further ado let’s jump in. Here are the Airbnb Tips To Know Before Putting Your Home on Airbnb.Airbnb Tips To Know Before Putting Your Home on Airbnb

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Airbnb automated right? or Airbnb Tips To Know Before Putting Your Home on Airbnb. So my name is Sean I’m your host I’m addicted to coffee and I’ve got four things for you and dang it. I can’t drink in front of you guys that’s kind of unprofessional isn’t it number one is I want you to if at all possible.

whenever possible try to clean your own air beam bees if you’re a full time like professional and you have a like a housekeeping team or housekeeping person you’re going to hired or do your cleaning for the most part that’s cool sneak out on the weekends sneak out on a lunch and show up at these properties and work with your housekeepers.

I want you to take notes this is super important for a few reasons and like kind of let me give you these few reasons because they’re hyper important not only do you need to know how difficult it is to do a good job to manage people effectively you need to know what their job is and how hard it is

You’re going to need to write the rules of the road for your business you’re going to be writing what we would call protocols or standard operating procedures and there’s a lot to this business that can go wrong.

or that can just happen there’s a lot of moving pieces and the housekeepers are truly the one most important part of your operating like organization your structure your team so housekeepers show up after every guest right and they start cleaning.

so if anything is missing or anything is broken or the guest isn’t checking out on time the housekeeper is the one that runs into these problems and you need to have solutions for these problems whenever possible.

So that’s really at the heart of this every time that you have a problem.

I want you to journal it I want you to write it down put it in your phone maybe and I want you to solve it and I want you to work out the best solution from your experience and then write out what I would call a standard operating procedure and you’re going to teach your housekeeper’s how to handle specific situations.

now if you want to hire a professional like a housekeeping company most likely they’re not going to have short-term rental management experience and cleaning a short-term rental is more than just cleaning isn’t it it’s making sure that everything’s stopped and nothing’s broken and the guests are getting out the keys are secure.

the home is secure before they leave all these different things so you’re going to have to train somebody whether or not you train a housekeeping professional you’re gonna have to train them on your business model it’s just the way the world works.

Airbnb Tips To Know Before Putting Your Home on Airbnb: Learn How to Clean Your Airbnb

I highly recommend that you learn how to clean also and you come up with a like a protocol for cleaning so that way you can hire your own internal people by the hour and that’ll like to lower your cleaning costs dramatically. Until you do that you’re gonna hire a professional by the cleaning and when I first started that’s paying like $60 per cleaning per studio and

I got that down to like 45 at one point with one company and then I went in house and I started hiring people at $12 an hour and that was a huge drop in cost our average cleaning cost now is about 20 bucks because of studios they don’t really take that long larger properties take more but it doesn’t cost a hundred bucks does it which a lot of you will pay or more for your larger homes so learn how to clean.

write your own training program writing out your own training like how to clean my space list and then give that to an employee or a contractor at 12 an hour and you’re going to just jump ahead of your competition and that money that you save is what’s really going to be added to your profit at the end of the day that’s that saved money is truly all profit at the end.

because otherwise if you’re profiting 400 paying 60 of cleaning your profit 400 plus your cost reduction if you hire in-house so that’s why you should clean first is really get a grip so that way you can manage people well and in-house.

Airbnb Tips To Know Before Putting Your Home on Airbnb: Manage Airbnb Guest Expectations

Now on to number two. this one is cool because Airbnb actually covered this themselves recently.

Airbnb interviewed a couple on how to be super hosting how to get five-star reviews so any of you who have access to that video just put it in the comments for everybody on this that’d be great of you but to kind of summarize what they said which is very similar to what we’re about to get to is they said to manage guests expectations that are the key to a five-star review.

so not overselling is similar but adds a little bit more so managing a guests expectations let’s start there let’s say you have a house that you put you’ve been hosts like it’s been your house for five or ten years to you it’s your house it could do no wrong it’s the best house ever right.

There are some things that you have kind of overlooked right maybe the floors are creaky or the doors squeak or something doesn’t close all the way right or some things are a little bit worn or the water takes 45 seconds to get hot or your your your hot water heater gets so hot that if you turn it on all the way it would burn somebody

right these are things that people should know manage people’s expectations of your home is parking a little bit tough it is the three flights of stairs to get in things like that just make sure that you express all the things that somebody could be disappointed by and you get to control this like when you sell your space which we’ll talk about a second.

you get to control the frame in which you deliver this information so deliver everything in a positive optimistic light but include it all now not overselling your space also is to pretty much not only not emit the bad stuff but don’t pie-in-the-sky things like for example I see a lot of hosts who say well you know we’re super close by to this right next to the stadium like next door to the stadium means you’re literally next door to the stadium not six blocks away.

but a lot of hosts will say that you know next door to the stadium or something like that and so people will show up to a home expecting one thing because you oversold it and they’re getting by far less than they thought they were getting right so let’s say you have ten beds listed in your home but for them our air mattresses.

Ryan you didn’t disclose that you’re gonna have some upset people because sleeping on an air mattress is not fun right we’re actually switching away from air mattresses sometimes switching away from sleeper sofas because getting good ones can be tough.

we move we’re actually moving into the rollaway beds kind of like the cots at hotels have but there are these new memory foam rollaway beds and I’ll actually leave that in the description so you can look it up it’s really cool you have to find a way to store them in an effective way.

this is one way to solve that bed problem for example so by not overselling your space you’re letting people know exactly the value of the home without all these weird embellishments or you know kind of exaggeration.

managing their expectations lets them know that this is still a home and you’re going to be surprised a lot of people who book on Airbnb understand that it’s a home expecting as a five-star Hilton stay they want to stay in a home so if your kitchen has XYZ kitchen supplies talk about it.

if it’s a little understocked for like an ambitious chef you should be honest but people are going to be cool with the floors creaking no squeaking a little bit or that’s slightly drafty or the water takes a while to turn on they love the charm of a home that’s why they’re booking on Airbnb trust people to accept you for who you are right social media has ruined us and now has ruined our ability, to be honest about our home so this kind of leads into.

number three but before that I want to give you a bonus here how to sell your property right we have a few videos and

How to Take Photos For Airbnb

I’m gonna give you a card up here talking about marketing your space I think it’s important that one photo is big so if you want good honest representation of your home professional photos are key right so people see exactly what you’re providing them in a photo your copywriting or your creative writing when you write your descriptions and stuff that’s all subjective and I think it’s important to write fun easy to read welcoming copyright for your listings.

SEO for Airbnb Listings

fill out all the boxes too because that’s good for SEO so we’re gonna have a couple of things we’re gonna cover how to take photos or I’m gonna give you a link for that we have an SEO one which is how to rank on Airbnb able to give you a link for that and additionally we have one on how to market like the really cool marketing titles thing so I’m gonna give you those things and we also have another one cheese.

I’ve got a fourth one that we’ve got these three marketing tips videos on how to like mark it off Airbnb to get more bookings by utilizing off Airbnb like platforms like Google search and stuff so that’s a list if I can’t put all the cards up there I’m gonna put it down in the description so you can hit all of them one at a time just for you guys so marketing your space .

professional photos is probably the best way to do it good lighting good even lighting compose your photos by setting the stove, for example, put the pots and pans up top and set the table with place settings and all these different things like that so when you take the photo people can imagine the use of the space right so that’s how to sell your space.

you don’t sell your space by lying about how close you are to like Toyota’s Center or something like that make sense.

Learn to Accept Criticism from Airbnb Guests

Sean Addressing the Crowd
Sean Addressing the Crowd

Now moving on to number three so number three would say is to not get defensive right but if I was gonna rephrase that it would be to accept criticism from your guests.

So the reason why this matters is because when you have a five-star reservation good on you you need a lot of them right and if you didn’t listen to number two you won’t get five-star reservations you’ll get 3 star and 4 star reservations and then your ranking will go down and you’ll make less money because you oversold your space or disappointed guests.

let’s say you have some of those because you failed because yeah you didn’t take the you know you didn’t take good accurate photos or you oversold your space or you’re bad at customer service to let’s say that’s the case or you’re bad at housekeeping so it wasn’t as clean as it needed to be on the way in.

let’s say you’re screwing something up and that’s ok we all make mistakes totally cool

but guests will speak up and sometimes guests won’t be nice about it because this is their trip get it they’re not going to be nice they expect you to have your stuff together you’re a professional you’re getting paid.

They’re gonna be down your neck sometimes so my point here no matter what color they come at you at right they could be hot red and you’re going to listen and I want you to listen for your areas of improvement and if somebody gives you a passive 3 star review and doesn’t tell you why I want you to contact them and I want you to say

hey John so sorry that we let you down I see you only left us a three star review and man that really sucks that we we couldn’t give you a five star experience could I ask you what we could improve upon because you didn’t write it in the review and I would like to improve

please write it gives you a chance to save that relationship maybe he’ll think that’s super stand-up of you and they’ll book with you again just to see if you listened right people like to tell you what you’re doing wrong they like to exercise that authority let them but your key here is to learn from these mistakes and improve your business.

because the like failure is the best teacher time and failure will make you better and the only way to get towards excellence is through that iterative practice of doing it and doing it again like I did a painting video and I got roasted if you want to see something okay.

If you’re an artist don’t watch it right but I did a video to prove to people that you can make your own artwork for your space. if you wanted to colour-coordinate you couldn’t find a big piece of artwork like for mine was blue and yellow.

I couldn’t find something that fit my space so I did my own piece of artwork and professionals are just like totally dead they’re like no this is trash other people like wow you did such a good job right so art is not subjective but you don’t have to be good at everything right.

I’m not the best painter and if you want to watch me not be a good painter watch that video but my point is you can’t improve right every time you have a new reservation there’s a chance for improvement.

I want you to look for areas of improvement with every guest and if you end up getting our first course called cracking soup roast we’re including a survey card it’s such an insignificant thing I might just give it away for free at one point but the survey card where you’re gonna ask people how their like their experience was and where their areas improvements are.

Then we have like a rating system on the card and that way guests can fill it out just like a hotel would write you want that guest feedback that will drive your improvements and without it, without good communication, you’re shooting in the dark right.


Airbnb Tips: Have Compassion for Your Airbnb Guests

Sean working

To Airbnb Tips To Know Before Putting Your Home on Airbnb, you need to compare all details about all your Guests. So that’s super important now this actually leads into number four right because how guests come to you about their problems with you may not be kind and you need to not take it personally you need to just shut up and take it so here’s number four is.

If there’s anyone thing I can teach you in this video this is the most important thing ever because you’re now in hospitality you’re now in the travel industry you are now letting people into your home into many of your homes if you’re like us and this matters to people you may only see it as money.

We had a manager in Houston that we had to retrain for this very reason is hosting can be tough right cleaning every day can be tough and you can have bad guests and they could just be angry for no good reason and they wear you down they wear down your customer service and you can like lose your heart for people.

if you’re in hospitality like this there’s a person in our host group that said you have to be a glutton for punishment if you want to be an Airbnb host and in a way it’s kind of true but a lot of us are here here we are right so what do I mean is people don’t travel much people don’t travel enough in my opinion so some.

people may not even travel every year maybe they only travel one week a year two weeks is generous for vacation time and a lot of jobs and because of this people have super like high-strung they’re super wound up so if they’re ever going to lose their cool it’s going to be during a trip this is the way it is right so if somebody’s luggage gets lost and their flight is delayed.

then they have a problem getting into their beam either gonna be so this already put off that they’re gonna be like mean to you and it’s gonna be there’s nothing you can do about it and you need to just put up and shut up and let them be mean to you and kind of let it happen.

You kind of have to let it roll off your back

Furthermore, you need to be on their side right not just take it but I want you to be on their side about it you let them down right they were expecting the place to be clean when they arrived they were expecting to be able to check-in right away without any issues.

They were expecting the TV to work whatever you told them that they should have with their air B&B they were expecting it they’re expecting more than two towels right something like that and you let them down.

you just have to eat that right so let me tell you a story and this is a this is kind of a fun one I had to retrain that manager in Houston I had to get them to somehow understand because this manager is super strong right just she could take all the stress in the world and she can pretty much go through anything so the rough and tumble of being an Airbnb host she can handle it all

but if like if the places weren’t clean on time like she would just like let it roll off her back like it’s not a big deal or if we had to move a guest because a guest stole a TV or broke a couch or something we had to move the guest

she’s like I’m not a big deal we’ll just handle it made the guest deal with it and she could solve problems.

But she started to put the problem on the guest right she started to make the next guest take the full brunt of the problem so we had a bad guest and the next guest was victimized twice they had a bad experience and our host was giving no love so I sent her a message and so I said it like this I’m like hey I need you to sit down read this message.

I want you to not do anything else and I want you to speak quietly for five minutes after you read it don’t message me back but I want you to just listen to this text message read it out loud and think.

I want you to imagine a guest that we’re about to have this guest is visiting Houston because their mother is at MD Anderson for treatment for cancer she has terminal stage 4 cancer of some sort and this is going to be the last time that our Airbnb guest is going to see their mother.

let’s say we had to move that guest because something went wrong with the property we knew this a couple of days ago but we didn’t get around to moving her or getting ahead of the problem this guest arrives we let her down we were not in control the situation she saw shows up to a place that she can’t check into and now she’s trying to get a hold of you but you’re unavailable.

Because you’re handing another handling another problem and you didn’t get ahead of this one so now she’s waiting two or three hours to try to find out what she’s supposed to do to get into her Airbnb by the time she’s able to get to her Airbnb because she doesn’t know the Airbnb Tips To Know Before Putting Your Home on Airbnb and she’s taking a taxi with three things of luggage her visitation hours of the hospital and she can’t go visit her mother that day which was her plan.

and before the next day comes her mom is gone I don’t wish for you ever to be in that situation so let me warn you right now that we are dealing with people’s lives here and I want you to treat every guest as if they’re coming to see their mother for the last time because we let another guest down and it’s on you you’re not going to want to hear from me about it take five minutes don’t respond but I’m going to ask you later if you really understand what.

I just texted you I want you to treat guests the same way in some ways their life for the next few days is in your hands accept responsibility as a host you’re changing people’s lives and you better make sure it’s for the better thank you for reading Airbnb Tips To Know Before Putting Your Home on Airbnb. I’ll see you on the other side [Music]