Airbnb Shopping List

airbnb host checklist

The Airbnb experience is one in a million. Having the right goods by using a great Airbnb shopping list will help you continue that trend.

You do not get this experience at any other place nor at a hotel. It does not let you miss the feeling and comfort of your home no matter where you are.

That is why it’s called the biggest accommodation service without owning any real estate.

shopping list is a list of items needed to be purchased by a shopper. Consumers often compile a shopping list of groceries to purchase on the next visit to the grocery store (a grocery list). The shopping list was known 2000 years B.C. in ancient Mesopotamia.[1] There are surviving examples of Roman [2] and Biblical[3] shopping lists.


Airbnb Shopping List

When signing up as a host at Airbnb, you need to make sure that you are able to cater to the need of your guests and make their stay at your place as comfortable as you can, otherwise if they are going to waste their money they can do that better at a hotel.

airbnb host checklist


After signing up on Airbnb, you need to have an Airbnb shopping list made which will help you set up the house perfectly and right up to the standard as well.

You can do this by surfing through the best hosts at Airbnb and see what kind of stuff and products they offer and make your Airbnb Shopping list accordingly.

To be an outstanding host and gain a full rating, you need to include some important things in the Airbnb shopping list.

 The bathroom Airbnb shopping list

You need to buy certain products for the bathroom from your Airbnb shopping list, which are essential. These products include:

These are the most important things that should be in the Airbnb shopping list at all cost.

Airbnb Shopping List for Bedrooms 

For bedrooms, you need to find the best and comfortable sheets along with pillows; there should be an extra set of both of these things in the cupboard as well. You also need to have a perfect room air-conditioning and heating system.

Other than that, you should have a garbage bin, foot rug, shelves, lamps, and a safe for important documents.

Kitchen items in Your Airbnb Shopping list

You need to have all the kitchen appliances available in the kitchen so the guest can cook something on their own as well.

The important things that should be on the Airbnb shopping list are tea/ coffee maker, salt, pepper, sugar, butter, bread, dishes, cups, and silverware.

These are the most important things on the Airbnb shopping list, and without this stuff, the kitchen will be of no use to anyone.

Airbnb Shopping List

4. Extras

After getting the products for kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms, you need to be extra cautious and put other things as well on the Airbnb shopping list these things can vary such as first aid kits which should include all the basic medications like aspirins, bandages and other medical-related stuff.

Other than that, you can put magazines, colouring books, colours, pencils, note pads for the guests.

You also need to put the washing machine, clothing iron, fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors as well.

This Airbnb shopping list will make sure that your house does not lack anything in any department.

This will also make the guest experience unique and comfortable which will help you gain a good rating as well as a recommendation from the guest as well for future guests.


This concludes all the stuff that need on your Airbnb Shopping List.

Be sure to checklist every stuff and let your Airbnb be totally stacked up for any guests in any time of the year.


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