Airbnb Shooting

Airbnb Shooting

Airbnb Shooting

Recently a horrific incident shook the nation, The Airbnb Shooting that is more widely known as the Orinda Shooting took a normal Halloween party into a blood bath taking the lives of 5 people.

This massacre caused Airbnb to ban any kind of party houses from their listing. The gruesome Airbnb Shooting is one of the biggest horrific turns of events that the Company has ever faced and has damaged the reputation of Airbnb as a peaceful rental unit.Airbnb Shooting

Airbnb Shooting: What actually happened?

According to reports, Orinda officers first responded to reports of a shooting around 10.50 p.m at a house on the 100 blocks of Lucile Way on Thursday.

Upon Arrival of the Contra Costa Sheriff, it was found that more than 100 people were at the house party and Attendees were from all over the Bay Area. The Party was even advertised on Social Media.

“Arriving Officers found a highly chaotic scene that included gunshot victims, injured party-goers, and numerous people fleeing the scene,” the statement reads. “Officers triaged the victims, cleared the location for safety and safeguarded the crime scene.”


Also, it was found that Three Victims were spotted dead due to gunshot wounds, another victim died later at the hospital and the fifth victim died at the Hospital on Late Friday.

A truly gruesome event

Airbnb Shooting: Airbnb’s Action

Airbnb Shooting

On Saturday, Airbnb CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky tweeted about banning “party houses” after the shooting at an Airbnb Rental in Orinda, California, taking the lives of five people.

Also, Airbnb included creating a rapid response team for “party houses” to help homeowners from preventing any dangerous parties.

On top of that, Airbnb claimed on expanding the manual screening of high-risk reservation by using their risk detection technology, which uses predictive analytics along with machine learning so that it can instantly evaluate hundreds of signals that can help it to flag and investigate suspicious activity before it can even happen.

In addition to this, the company is bound to set up human screening systems as well.

Airbnb Shooting: Owner’s View

It had been reported that the Owners of that site, Wenlin Luo and Micheal Young Wang were both very worried about a party themselves. Mr Weng was doubtful about the women who requested to rent the four-bedroom house for one night on Halloween, also they had a big NO for any kind of parties. As the women told them about her dozen family members needed to escape from the wildfire in Sonoma County as they were asthma patients. The owners decided to help the lady by allowing her to rent the house. Little did they know about the women lying straight up.

Airbnb house

Wang said his wife contacted the renter on Thursday after neighbours told them about the party. The renter claimed about having only a dozen people in the house. Eventually, around 9:19 neighbours reported about noise complaints and again at 10:25 PM, with reports of an officer dispatched to investigate the complaints at around 10:48 PM and following around 10:50 gunfire started causing chaos in the neighbourhood.

So what did Airbnb Do to the House? Well, they banned the house from their Website and hence the listing is no longer valid as an Airbnb rental. Also, the women have been banned for a lifetime from Airbnb.  But if only had Airbnb done a much deeper screening about the women and her previous stays ratings, none of these would have ever happened. Which is why it very important for the host to be very alert and careful while renting your house to unwanted people and directly reporting to Airbnb in case of anything unusual takes place. nobody wants another Airbnb Shooting in their rental

This story on Airbnb Shooting will definitely account as one of the most gruesome Airbnb Horror Story to Every is available.

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