Airbnb Services Guide

The Airbnb is the largest online hotel service that offers people a chance to have a home-like and experience wherever they are travelling. An Airbnb Services guide helps with that experience. Airbnb connects the people and experiences with the hosts that have signed up their places at Airbnb for other people and makes a commission as a broker.

Airbnb Services Guide

The Airbnb services guide gives out the information about all the services offered by Airbnb and the host to their guests.

As an Airbnb host or Airbnb management company, you need to learn how to deliver and to manage your business to compete with the top Superhosts on the platform. At iGMS, we work with Airbnb companies every day so we know their pains and headaches. We took the liberty to pull up all the key points on Airbnb management in one article to provide you with the essentials. Here is our expert guide that will disclose all the essential information you need to run your Airbnb business.

For the hosts, the Airbnb services guide will offer a unique and great way to impress their guests, and it will send a positive message to the guests that you want them to feel at home. For the guests, the Airbnb services guide will be the perfect place to look for all the services provided by the host as these differ from places to places.

There are several things to include in the Airbnb services guide


1. The welcome page:

Your Airbnb services guide should include a home page which should include all the important things that the guests need to know right away; this will also act as a guide to the property as well. You can include things like: 

· Wifi password

· Parking information

· Host contact information

· Access code for the front door 

2. House rules

You should include a list of house rules as well in the Airbnb services guide to make sure there is no trouble in the end from any of the guests as you would already have informed them about the rules to follow inside the house. 

3. Transport information

The Airbnb services guide should include information about the local transport, which includes bus, taxi, and shuttles to the airport. It should also include maps of the area and schedules or buses and trains.

The information will be helpful to the guest if the location is on the outskirts of the city, and there is a phone signal problem. 

4. Things to do

When you have guests over at your house from abroad or from the other city you tell them about the stuff that they can do in and around the area and this city, this is exactly the same you can include things like restaurants, tourist attractions, local tours and many other things in the Airbnb services guide which will help them make the most out of their time while in the city. 

airbnb services guide

5. List of electronics/instructions manual

You need to inform the guests about the list of electronics that will be available in the house and for them to use these can vary from kitchen appliances, washer, dryer, thermostat, smart tv, and others.  

The Airbnb services guide should also include the instruction manual of how to use certain things which the guest might not be familiar with and make their stay as easy and comfortable. 

Maximizing Guest Experience with an Airbnb Services Guide

By making Airbnb services you will be making the stay of your guest very easy, and they will be able to book you instantly since most of the information of your house will be available on the Airbnb application as well, this will also help smooth the process of booking as well.


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