Airbnb Serial Killer

Airbnb Serial Killer

Airbnb is one of the best things that ever happened to the modern travel industry.

Unfortunately, it isn’t spared of the usual horror stories.

While the thought of an Airbnb serial killer may be enough to make your skin crawl, there are other scary things that have happened in many Airbnb properties around the world.

Airbnb Serial Killer: Along With Other Weird Horror Stories

Nine-year-old Airbnb has changed the way many of us travel – in a good way. But the recent story of the 14-year-old who booked a home on the popular accommodation site and threw a party for more than 100 teens serves as a reminder that hosts and guests alike need to be careful.

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Airbnb Turned Crime Scene

An Airbnb host rented her apartment to a woman who said she was a military officer who just wants to rest and relax. The host was alarmed when cops called her to let her know that the woman, who was actually a prostitute, was slashed by an unidentified man because of a dispute on the service charge.

Airbnb as Home to Meth Addict

A host rented out his house to a young lady who was discovered to be a meth addict. The woman trashed his house and even stole the host’s birth certificate.

Airbnb as an Orgy Spot

A host put up his modern garden apartment for rent only to find out that it became a spot for a full-blown orgy. The building management almost immediately evicted the host.

Guest Suddenly Evicted from an Airbnb

A guest was ready to face everything the world has to offer, but he ended up facing one of the biggest weaknesses of Airbnb. It was reported that his reservation was cancelled because the owner refused to verify a booking. The guest then had most of his money tied up in the pending charge for the room. The guest looked for another place but has run out of cash until he received a refund from Airbnb. 

Airbnb Led to a Public Battle

A woman returned home after being away for a week only to discover that her apartment was trashed and ransacked. This ensued to a very public battle against Airbnb. The executives soon apologized, and this incident paved the way to the creation of the present host protection policy of the platform.

Fraudulent Airbnb Rental

A guest was having a great time at his rental when a man came knocking at the door, claiming to be the unit’s real owner and wondering what is happening in the apartment.

The Soiled Airbnb Penthouse

A host rented out her penthouse to an average guy with a perfectly normal profile picture, a wife, and a young kid. The guest turned out to a party’s host that ruined her pristine apartment, leaving it covered with bodily fluids, condoms, and excretions.

Competitive Airbnb Landlord

A host was able to get lots of bookings for his apartment, so he was wondering when things went quiet all of a sudden. He found out that his landlord also decided to rent out rooms in the building nearby.

Airbnb Turned Pop-up Brothel
Aribnb Turned Brothel
Airbnb Turned Brothel

Two ladies handed over their apartment’s keys only to discover soon that their flat was transformed into a brothel. They only learned about it when police informed them about the raid in their home where two working girls were caught in the act.

Got spooked with all the Airbnb Serial killer stories?

Well, it’s not always that these things happen?

It’s like a once in a blue moon type of probability so don’t worry about any Airbnb Serial Killer or any spooky stories. get on to your listing and set up the required security measures for your home and you are all set to give away the keys to your guests without breaking a sweat or worry about any Airbnb serial Killer.

Happy Hosting!!

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